What made Betano and its casino sought-after in Bulgaria?


Some casinos are more popular in certain countries thanothers, and there are many reasons why this is the case. If we take a look at some of the biggest markets foriGaming, such as Bulgaria, we can see loads of examples of high-quality betting operators that offerloads of options. For example, this year Betano casino became available in Bulgaria, and it quickly surpassedmany of the other iGaming operators who’ve been around for many years.

Betano looks like most other online casinos, whichprobably doesn’t come as a surprise to most people. Despite offering similar things, the devil is in the details, which means you will always find something uniqueabout every betting platform. We’d like to share a coupleof things related to Betano’s casino in this article, so let’scheck them out.

Demo options for some games

The thing that everyone is looking for when choosing anonline casino is the number of slots and other titles. Betano may not be the online betting operator that offersthe highest number of casino games, but it providesmore options than others.

What’s more impressive is the operator’s ability to offerits customers a demo option for most of its games. Courtesy of this feature, users can experience a largenumber of games without the need to use real money. Like gamblers from other parts of the world, Bulgariansare thrilled when they have the chance to experiencesomething for free, so it shouldn’t be surprising thatBetano has loads of new fans.

Although the demo mode is impressive and does helppeople when deciding which game to pick, the feature isnot available for every type of game. Besides slots, gamblers rarely have the chance to experience othergames like those that offer a real dealer.

The site’s apps

Some online bettors in Bulgaria do not have the chanceto use a computer for online betting because they are atwork most of the time. As a result, some of the top-tierbrands are also available on the go via mobile websites.

Despite the fact that many gamblers are happy with the site, many Bulgarians know that they have can an evenbetter gambling experience if they choose an operatorwith an app. Luckily, the Betano casino review showsthat the newest operator in the country provides localswith apps for Apple’s mobile operating system andGoogle’s Alternative.

Although Android is the dominant mobile OS in Bulgaria, online casino players also use iOS, as well as otheroptions

The multiple contact solutions

There is no arguing that choosing an online casino canbe a highly complex process, even for people who’vebeen involved in the iGaming industry for many years. Some gamblers are not aware of the things that theyneed to look for, so they only want to find a place thatoffers them loads of games.

Despite the fact that slots and other things are critical, there are many other factors that users have to test, andone of them is the contact options. It may come as a surprise, but gamblers in Bulgaria can avail themselvesof multiple contact solutions.

The live chat is most casino fans’ preferred option, butBetano provides several other options. Some gamblerslike to use email, but the thing that makes the operatorstand out is the telephone number. Users can simplypick up their phone and call a given number to learn more about some products.

The bank wire transfer is faster than usual

Some people might be surprised, but there are gamblerswho want to make deposits and withdrawals using a bank transfer. Although some people might consider this payment option archaic, it has a lot of benefits, such asthe higher maximum amounts. Sadly, most casinos inBulgaria require people to wait for weeks beforecompleting a transaction.

The good news is that Betano is different in this regardbecause it offers a bank wire transfer that takes up to three days. This is a lot faster than usual.