Vision Express in London will stay open during lockdown 2.0


Almost 2 in 5 of locals in London have not been for regular eye check due to Covid-19, with 6% admitting to not visiting their local optician in over five years.

Despite the new restrictions in place, Vision Express will still be open in London, offering eye health advice, regular appointments and urgent care. Local stores will also be offering telephone and video reviews to patients in the first instance to determine COVID-19 status and level of personal eye care needed.

To ensure maximum safety at all times, the necessary infection prevention control measures have been put in place as directed by the Public Health, the NHS, Regulators and Professional bodies to ensure we are following all recommendations. This includes:

Social distancing measures for both customers and staff

Offering preliminary advice and taking information over the phone before all appointments to limit the time spent in store

All staff will be equipped with PPE and customers will be encouraged to wear masks as well, if they’re able to

Signage around the store to help guide and direct customers

All equipment and frames are regularly cleaned throughout the day to the highest standard

Services that all local Vision Express stores will be offering include:

Eye-care appointments – At Vision Express eye health and safety are our top priorities. We are still performing Eyecare appointments, but we are assessing your needs and advising on the necessity of an eye exam at this time.

Urgent Replacement Glasses Service – If you lose or break your glasses, we are pleased to offer any Vision Express customer the option to re-order your glasses to your current prescription. In support of social distancing at this time, we can take your order and payment over the phone. We are happy to also send glasses to a home address with free delivery.

Prescription requests – If you need a copy of your prescription, we can provide this for you, just contact your nearest store open.

Buying Sunglasses or Contact Lenses online – To help all of us get the most from the lock-down period, you can continue to buy contact lenses and sunglasses from the wide range available on our website.

Dan McGhee, director of professional services at Vision Express said “The safety of our customers and staff is the highest priority, along with their health. We know that current restrictions may discourage people from visiting their local opticians or missing their regular appointment, but it is important for everyone to maintain their regular eye tests or contact us if they notice any changes with their eyes so that we can help maintain everyone’s eye health and not let avoidable sight loss become another casualty of the pandemic.”