Visiting London This Christmas? How to Choose a Suitable Hotel


There’s no arguing that London is one of the most popular destinations, especially at Christmas time. The streets are full of cheer and the shops are bustling with people all trying to get their last-minute shopping in. However, as merry as a trip to London at Christmas can be, it can all come crumbling down if you’re staying at a horrid hotel. After all, no one wants to sleep in hell over Christmas. With this in mind, we’ve collected the ultimate guide for choosing a suitable hotel for a festive stay in London.

Historic and Lavish

London is notorious for its range of lavish and historic hotels. So, if you’ve got the cash to splash, check yourself in at the likes of The Savoy. Alternatively, over near Hyde Park, you can stay at the Berkely, which comes with beautiful views. If you decide to stay at one of these hotels, you need to remember that you’re paying for the luxury. Therefore, you will be paying around $500 per night and often more than that. So, if you want a Christmas to remember and you’ve got the cash, live like the rich for a night and experience one of these historic locations.

The Budget Chains

When you’re travelling, there’s lots of spending to be done, especially over Christmas. Therefore, there are plenty of budget chain hotels to choose from including Mercure, Holiday Inn, Travelodge, and DoubleTree. These hotels will usually give you great rates in comparison to competitors. However, you can’t expect the range of facilities you will receive at a premium hotel. However, with rooms costing anywhere between $100 and $200 (or less) per night, you can’t complain. All you need is somewhere to relax, charge your phone, and spend some downtime playing your favourite online slots in South Africa.

Pubs with Rooms

Pubs are always a merry place to be at Christmas, and in London, there are plenty of them. Also, there are a considerable number of pubs all over London that come with rooms attached. For example, if you’re near the O2 Arena, you should check into The Pilot. On average, you will payaround $110 per night. However, you need to book in advance because they will fill up.

Airport Accommodation

At least three different airports supply central London and they all have accommodation choices nearby. So, if you are stuck at the airport or have an early flight, you should consider checking in to airport accommodation. Even if you aren’t tied down to the airport, you could travel away from central London and find better rates. Heathrow airport only takes 45 minutes on a train and the hotel offers better quality and prices than some of the offerings in central London. Typically, you will be paying around $239 per night, which isn’t bad for capital prices.

Staying in London over Christmas is a fantastic experience. However, you need to get your accommodation right. There are countless options available and the one you choose depends on your budget and plans.