Vlogger Quisha Rose talks about her YouTube journey 


by Matt Martino

Quisha Rose is a talented blogger and activist who is constantly using her reach on social media to push feminism and she is known for her entertaining fashion and lifestyle vlogs.

Talking to London Post about were it started she says “I started Youtube in 2014 making the average videos until two YouTubers, Floral Princess & LillyMae, contacted me to join a collab channel which helped me grow to about 2,000 subscribers maybe? So it kickstarted my channel a little bit. Through the next 6 months I started to make even more friends and almost got put into this group of people. It’s one of my favorite things about social media, how you can make the closest friends through just one message.”

The young star who now boasts of thounsands of fans across the country recently spoke of the traumatic bullying she faced in her earlier years.

Opening up about when she knew her YouTube career was getting serious Quisha told us “I never really thought of YouTube as a job, I just thought of it as a hobby until getting contacted by managements, brand and networks which was something completely new to me. After getting used to that and producing more videos my channel started to grow. With this I start to get recognized in public.”

Adding to this she recalled an experience from  May 2017 when she attended Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour concert, which wasn’t even a YouTube related event, however she was mobbed by say 200 people at once, if not more. She told us “I remember getting my into my seat until getting tapped on the shoulder to take a photo with someone, I obviously accepted and we took some cute selfies until a line formed around all the blocks inside the arena which was extremely overwhelming. Security of the arena came up to me and had to move me into the merch area where people got their pictures, it took a good 20 minutes to get through everyone before security had to take me out of the situation. One of the craziest experiences I’ve had, as well as popular Youtube event Summer In The City.”