Vodka remains the most commonly used cocktail spirit


Vodka remains the most commonly used cocktail spirit, with nearly a quarter of cocktails (24%) containing the distilled beverage. Although this is down 4% from 2012 when we last collated this data.

Gin is the only spirit in the top 10 most used spirits list to have seen increased usage over the last five years, increasing from appearing in 9% to 9.84% of cocktail recipes.

More climbers in the top 10 cocktail spirits:

Cointreau has booted Midori out of the top ten (slumping from a high of appearing in 4.7% of cocktail recipes to just 4.18%).

Mark Harris, of Pernod Ricard UK, estimated that there were around 9.2 million cocktails drinkers in the UK last year, with the industry worth around £500 million. In response, the team at has created this infographic to reflect the top cocktail trends for 2018 based on current user recipe and ingredient searches.

The infographic can be viewed here or: