Want to wear vintage jewelry for a young wedding: What should you do?

Wedding rings

Perhaps a priori they do not seem as important as the dress, but do not forget that they are responsible for bringing light to your style and giving that special touch that only a piece of jewelry can achieve. Jewelry can make a difference. Think carefully about what you want to wear, the style that best suits you… you must dedicate the time they deserve. They are an essential accessory and the most valuable of those you will wear that day.

But what requirements must the jewels you choose meet? There are several aspects to take into account. It seems very important to us that they are elegant and of excellent quality. In addition, they must be timeless since these jewels are an investment and will accompany you throughout life, reminding you of that beautiful day. Last but not least, the jewelry should reflect your personality. Although it sounds like a cliché, if there is something essential on the wedding day, it is that the bride be herself, without feeling disguised and respecting her style and personality to the fullest. Do not fall under the pressure of trends

What jewelry does a bride wear?

Choosing bridal jewelry will depend a lot on your style, the dress, the type of ceremony… but there are some basics that cannot be missing:

The bridal earring… ESSENTIAL!!

The bridal earring is undoubtedly the jewel that cannot be missing. It will highlight your natural beauty, help enhance your most beautiful features and don’t forget that they will appear in all wedding photos. If you are not used to wearing earrings, maybe that day you will feel more comfortable with some diamond studs that give you a point of light. It does not have to be a large earring, but it does have to be of quality. On the contrary, if you are one of those who wear earrings every day, surely that day you fancy a long and special model. Even with a touch of color to match other accessories such as shoes or flowers. You’ll hit the nail on the head!

There are brides who for sentimental reasons want to wear old earrings and other vintage jewelry which have previously been used by other generations of women in their family. We love that point! If you need any adjustment go to your trusted jewelry.

If you are a practical bride, we recommend the detachable bridal earring. The main advantage is its versatility since you can use it after the wedding by disassembling the lower part. If you are a practical bride, we recommend the detachable bridal earring. The main advantage, its versatility

The engagement ring…

If your partner has given you an engagement ring, the most common is that it is a jewel in gold and diamonds. You must wear it that day, it means a lot to both of you.

Bracelet yes or no?

If you have an elegant bracelet, in gold and diamonds or if there is one in the family and you want to wear it, it is the perfect occasion. In addition, it is a way to incorporate the history of your family into the important days of your lives. A vintage bracelet is always an excellent option. Some brides even transform an old bracelet into a tiara for their wedding day.

Some additional tips

There is a famous English saying that is repeated to brides before their wedding: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a coin in the shoe.” This tradition has survived until the present times and these objects have become essential elements that every self-respecting bride must wear during her wedding to have fortune during her marriage.

Wearing something old symbolizes the continuity of the family and wearing something borrowed means that the bride can always count on the help of her loved ones. In these cases, the bride usually chooses an inherited family jewel or a piece of antique jewelry from someone close to her as something old or borrowed. But sometimes a woman does not need the memory to wear antique jewelry. She just likes something that looks antique. Fortunately, many online stores provide various kindsof antique jewelry. You just have to look at the reviews of the shops, order jewelry according to your own design, and pay.Very easy and practical.

Here are some additional tips on how to choose the right vintage jewelry and look spectacular at your wedding.

Use your imagination

Actually, almost any old family jewel, feminine or masculine, can be transformed into your perfect accessory: from antique cufflinks, to vintage brooches, combs, pins, bracelets, necklaces and tiaras. If, in addition, you have a trusted jeweler, they can help you transform the chosen piece into an exclusive, original and elegant jewel. For example, you can transform a pair of vintage brooches into the perfect accessory for your wedding shoes or the decorations. In the same way, a comb or a pin can also add an original touch to your hairstyle and a family bracelet can become a tiara.

The perfect mix

Now, it is important that you choose the jewels according to your own style and that they are consistent with both the wedding dress and the hairstyle. For example, a dress with a boat neckline does not usually admit a long necklace but a choker adjusted to the neck. On the other hand, a dress with a plunging neckline would allow you to wear a long twenties-style necklace. In the same way, if you wear your hair up, long vintage earrings can be your perfect allies, while if you opt for loose hair or a half updo, it is better to opt for short earrings or simple studs.

Bridal hairstyle with vintage jewelry

Finally, we recommend you not to overdo it with jewelry. They would recharge your outfit and could tarnish your dress and other accessories. Remember that less is more, always.