Warren Buffett Gets Jiggy On AMZN, Buys $900M Shares As Bitcoin Surges


Pay attention to the news If you are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, McDonald’s, or similar food.   Investments giant Warren Buffett has admitted where you need to invest your ‘duckets’ or schillings, aka money.    One should have a percentage of their funds investments in internet company stocks apparently.  The world’s former richest man alive, who spoke against Bitcoin’s digital revolution,  just came clean about owning over $900-million-dollars shares of  Amazon.

Why did Buffett invest?

Amazon violates the golden law of Warren himself.  He says invest when others are in fear and be fearful when others are greedy.   However, Amazon has been one of the most ‘greedily desired’ companies of the last decade.  Not only that, the company itself is greedily consuming a lion’s share of various retail & wholesale markets. Therefore, surely there must be an exception to why Mr. Buffet broke his golden rule.   The answer to this is no, the ‘Omaha Oracle’ was just wrong.  His methods of investment are not as sound as they once were, in a new age where technology makes the world move faster.  According to CNN, the tech giant simply invested this money because he knows Jeff Bezos.  Buffet has confidence in the brand because of his direct and self-beneficial relationship with the Amazon owner.

“We missed it entirely, incidentally,” Warren told his investors at Berkshire’s annual meeting two years ago.  As he was detailing Bezos’ many successes, The Oracle continued “We never owned a share of Amazon.”

Able to admit to his fault,  Warren’s lack of trust in technology caused a huge ‘miss’ of earnings.  Had he  took the risk and invested in Amazon earlier, his Berkshire brand would have generated billions.  Instead, he’s watched the same man he could have invest in, become more wealthy then Buffett himself.

Half-A-Million shares of Amazon stock

How much does “the Omaha Oracle” have invested today, after missing out on possibly the biggest investment of his career?  Berkshire Hathaway’s investment into the internet retail & delivery giant is cited at 483,300 AMZN shares.    These would be valued at $926,732,523 (USD), based on the high price of today, May 16th.

The old saying ‘money attracts money’ is definitely exemplified here. With access to billions of dollars, an investor such as Buffett can earn $15.4-million-dollars in revenue today alone.   If he bought at today’s opening price of $1885.84 and sold at the day’s peak of $1917.51,  that’s the gain he would have made from his investment in less then 24-hours.

Make your stake in internet business today

As Bitcoin soars high from price to changing the minds of investors (read here), this month it is clear one thing. The methods Buffett used to invest and become a sensation are now outdated.   No matter what denial he uses to slander the cryptocurrency era, it is a fact that the  The Oracle has never had a gain, that would rival what he ‘shoulda coulda woulda’ made investing in Bitcoin.  Even this month, Had Buffett put that same $900-million-dollars into BTC (if commodity allowed) May 1st, by today he would have earned over a staggering  $394-million-dollars profit, before government taxes were applied.     The cost per bitcoin was $5705 May 1st and as of May 15th, it closed at $8204.24.  That is $1 short of a $2.5K gain in 16 days.

In other words, if Buffett is finally seeing the light on technology, it is time to invest your money as well. Perhaps today is a time where ‘greed’ is switching into a good sign.   However, just as trends are faster, you have to pull your money faster.   Definitely keep your eyes open.

If starting a business, get a Godaddy or Bluehost coupon code, launch your website.  If you want a drop-shipping or ecommerce store, get an account on Etsy or eBay.   Start selling today.  Stop making excuses or you will miss your $394-million-dollars, just as Buffett did by ignoring the tech era.

Watch the video below to see CNBC television’s report on Buffett’s revealing. It includes a short interview with ‘The Oracle of Omaha’ as well.