Web-series #REALITY2.0 gets BFI screening


by Matt Martino

8 part web-series #REALITY2.0 will get a screening at BFI next week on the 24th October.

“Reality”, is a 8-part anthology social commentary comedy web-series about the young black British experience written by Nathan Bryon, on hot topics in our community such as #BlackJesus, #Grenfell and #Reparations.

In Nathan’s own words…”You will laugh, you will think, and you may even buss a little two step! So come down for free and enter REALITY! A web-series you have to see to stay WOKE!”

Written by Nathan Bryon and co-directed by Grant Taylor and produced by JokePit. This event is supported by BFI Future Film and S.O.U.L.