What Are The Odds Of Your Tube Being Delayed?


Casino.co.uk are fascinated by odds and how they can influence our everyday lives, so they decided to investigate the average Londoner’s daily commute and discover which are the most unreliable tube lines on the London Underground – and the odds of these lines being delayed.

They examined TFL data from the last 14 years to help identify how much time customers are really losing on their daily commute, and how much money this could amass if the lost time was equated to the average hourly wage in London.

You can find the piece here: https://www.casino.co.uk/odds-of-tube-delay/

Some Interesting Stats:
Customers lost over 22 million hours on the tube last year – this equates to over £376 million in average hourly wages in London.

In the time lost to train delays in 2018 on the Central line alone, one person could have flown around the world 101,962 times.

17% of all delays in 2018 occurred on the District Line

Almost 15% of all 2018 delays were caused by staff shortages.