What happened to these players? Where did we lose them? ​​

Eden Hazard with Real Madrid

There are players who amaze us and clubs pay millions for them, but so much pressure hurts them, and they end up getting lost, and we often forget about them. They have talent, but something got lost along the way. 

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The players we will mention below were once considered promising talents who didn’t end up fulfilling their potential, but there is still time for some of them to bounce back. 

Miralem Pjanic 

The Bosnian was a great player at Juventus. In 2015, he was considered one of the best midfielders on the planet and his valuation was as high as 90 million euros for whoever wanted to have him in their squad. 

In 2020 Barcelona needed a reliable midfielder because Arthur, who we will talk about later, was a terrible signing. At Catalonia, they thought Pjanic would be the solution and the heir to Xavi, but they were wrong. 

Koeman never used him and when he did, he didn’t put him in his position; the Bosnian rebelled and at some point, he wasn’t even called up, Barcelona informed him that they no longer counted on him, but he didn’t want to leave because he enjoyed the city and his salary was high. 

He was loaned to Besiktas in Turkey, where he played very little. Far away is the midfielder, who was a star at Juventus. 


With Gremio, he played like a top-class player, who won the Libertadores, and that earned him a move to Barcelona, who were still looking for a replacement for Xavi, and the Brazilian has a lot of similarities with the Culé youth player. 

In the beginning, things were going well for the gaucho, he played and looked comfortable in the Blaugrana shirt, his first season was pretty decent, but in the second, the demand was for him to take control of the midfield and lead the team, but he could not. 

Injuries also reduced his level, and they ended up exchanging him for Pjanic. At Juve, he has not been able to be consistent, and they are even thinking of loaning him out or selling him elsewhere because they don’t even use him anymore. He has disappeared. 

Samuel Umtiti. 

The Frenchman is a case that is quite pitiful, when he arrived at Barcelona in 2016 his performance was immediate, he became one of the leaders of the defence and was nicknamed the new Puyol; the defender did not shy away from pressure and behaved like a great. 

He suffered a knee injury just before the World Cup but decided not to undergo surgery in order to play in the tournament where he was crowned champion, but when he returned to the Blaugrana discipline, something was wrong. The doctors asked him to have surgery, but he didn’t want it.  According to Sports Injury Central, he demanded a non-invasive treatment and that has kept him out of the team.  

He can’t recover, and when he does recover, he plays and his level is very poor. Laporta demanded that he leave, but he cried to the director to give him a chance because he doesn’t want to leave the club because his salary is very high, and he is very comfortable in the city. 

In two years he has played 17 games and this season he has only appeared in one. The fans don’t want him anymore and the player is on full wage. 

Eden Hazard 

The Belgian international is a shadow with Real Madrid. He arrived at Real Madrid as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo. He was given the number 7 shirt but in pre-season, there were some very strange signs. 

Furthermore, he presented in preseason with an obvious overweight, but that was already known, he has problems maintaining the ideal body weight, and it did not worry everyone too much, but since he got injured the first time, he has not left the club’s infirmary. 

66 games and 1 goal in three seasons with Real Madrid, many fans forget that he is still in the team until they see him playing for Belgium, where magically he is not injured, he just finishes the International break and gets injured again. 

He is called up by Ancelotti for the Champions League final and can see minutes. Can you imagine if he gives Madrid the title with a goal? With that, they forgive him everything in the Spanish capital. 

Which of these has disappointed you the most?