Where Paul Pogba will go

Paul Pogba with Manchester United

 The Frenchman has an undeniable talent, but he is a complicated player, when he is switched on there is no stopping him, and he becomes a leader and an example to follow, but if he doesn’t want to play, he basically doesn’t care about anything and football is the last of his worries.

Now Manchester United will probably be without Pogba for next season, and they already have a new manager Erik Ten Hag, and it would be a good idea to enter Betway in this link where you have the option to bet on your favourite team or maybe on the revamped Red Devils. 

As we mentioned, Pogba will no longer renew with United, and it showed that second halves are not good, one of the most expensive signings at Old Trafford, didn’t work out as they would have wished.

The start 

Paul is a product of the Manchester youth system, they saw his talent at Le Havre and did not hesitate to take him to England, and there he made his professional debut, but after two seasons and only seven games played, the Frenchman left through the back door without being able to show his full potential. 

His departure was traumatic, he left for free because he did not renew his contract with the club, Alex Ferguson himself said he was disappointed with the midfielder, but Pogba could not go on like that, he wanted to play, and Juventus arrived with an offer he could not refuse. 

He immediately fitted in perfectly in Turin, became a star, and shone like never before. Obviously, that attracted attention again in England and several teams wanted him in their ranks, but his bonuses kept growing. 

His value was rising with every game he played, he was finally able to show his talent, and in Italy, he played loose, did what he wanted on the pitch, was multi-champion in Italy, and almost won the Champions League, Juve were sure he would renew and have a long career at the Vecchia Signora. 

But Pogba surprised everyone when he accepted an offer from the club that initially turned him down. United paid 100 million for him, a homegrown player they had for free, and repatriated him for a massive amount of money. 

Juventus obviously didn’t pass up the opportunity. It was a significant amount, and although they wanted Pogba to stay, 100 million is very hard to turn down.  

Second parts are not good 

He arrived and yes; he was a starter from the beginning, and he looked committed and was playing impressively, but he was diluted and as the team lost and did not win titles, the Frenchman became unmotivated until he broke his relationship with the club. 

Mourinho took over as coach, and the two never got on well together. They were at each other’s throats in the press and Mou decided to leave him on the bench and this ended up unsettling the Frenchman who asked for his departure. 

The problem is that United would not let him leave for less than 100 million euros, and no team in Europe would pay that for a player who was not playing at a good level and was on the bench, this created a lot of tension at the time of offering him his renewal that never came.

At some point in this drama, he thought about staying with Manchester United, because Cristiano Ronaldo arrived, and obviously playing with one of the best players on the planet appeals to everyone. Pogboom sat down to negotiate with the board and was even willing to lower his salary a little in order to play with CR7. 

But the lousy season they managed to do made him reach his limit and he even declared that he wasn’t having fun anymore and that he wanted to win trophies, that player who was once the most expensive transfer in English football is about to leave for free and without a destination. 

Obviously, the fans can’t stand him, every chance they get they call him overrated and ungrateful, his performances on the pitch were very intermittent, he never exploded as they would have liked, but he was also very bad timing because he came to a Manchester in the middle of a rebuilding process. 

To put it this way, in the six seasons he played he only won a Carabao Cup and a Europa League, which, although it is a good title, for the Red Devils don’t taste like anything because they are used to playing in the Champions League. 

Where is he going? 

Well, although it seems like a joke, Juventus is once again knocking on the door of the world champion midfielder, and once again he would arrive for free. The Vecchia Signora know that Pogba enjoyed a lot in Turin, and they want to replicate that player who was the best on the pitch and ended up being the most expensive signing in the world. 

Now the situation in Turin is not ideal, sportingly they are not in their best moment, and they need to rebuild the team, besides they have economic problems and this would prevent Pogba from receiving a multimillion-euro contract, moreover he would have to reduce his salary, this does not delight the Frenchman, but the idea of being happy in Italy again is very appealing to him. 

There was talk that he would arrive at PSG, and he likes this option because he knows that he would be paid the same as in Manchester and would play alongside Messi and Neymar with whom he knows he can win a lot of things, the problem here are the fans who have already said that they do not want to see him even in pictures because he declared that he and his family are fans of Marseille. He would have to win over the fans, and the patience of the Parisian ultras is minimal. They booed Messi, and with that, we say it all.

Pogba has a good market, but if he wants to get to a good team, he will have to lower his salary, and change his attitude a bit, when he commits himself he is one of the best in the world when he cares little he is just one more. Where does Pogboom end up?