What If We Could Actually See The Exhaust Emissions In London?


With London introducing the Ultra-Low Emission Zone to try and combat air pollution in the city – it makes you question how differently we might feel if we could see the chemicals emitted from car exhausts around us.

Would we become more concerned about our health, more climate-conscious and more willing to take on the air pollution crisis if we could see the emissions?

Select Car Leasing has created an image of London, and 9 other iconic cities around the world, to show what their busy streets would look like if humans could actually see the hazardous chemicals produced by vehicle exhausts once the initial plume of smoke has dissipated, in accordance with their air quality rating.

See the shocking visuals displaying what we would see if exhaust emissions were visible around the world here: https://www.selectcarleasing.co.uk/news/what-if-we-could-see-car-emissions.html