What It Means To Have An Addictive Personality


Have you ever wondered what it means when someone describes an addictive personality or indeed what it means to have an addictive personality? It’s a question often asked, by patients and even loved ones of patients, trying to understand further the addiction they’re facing together. In this article we’re going to address addictive personalities, what they are, the signs of an addictive personality and more. 

In order to do that, we went to the experts at Infinity Addiction, an addiction treatment service, to get the most up to date information possible. Here’s what we learnt.

What Is An Addictive Personality?

Infinity Addiction describes an addictive personality as a personality that’s more inclined to become addicted to something. Addictions such as these can cover activities, people, foods and other recreational substances. The addictions can also cover a person becoming extremely obsessive or fixated about something almost overnight. Such addictions which see many getting carried away with things such as food, sex or even drugs can often stem from underlying issues such as depression, poor impulsion control and even anxiety.

It’s important to remember also that any addiction must be dealt with, regardless of what the obsession appears to be over. While a fixation on video games may seem harmless when compared to the likes of hardcore drugs or even porn, they can become a problem when they begin to change a person’s behaviour. What’s more, a person’s object of addiction can change so while they may be addicted to video games or a particular soft drink at the moment, their focus can soon change onto something else more sinister.

Tell Tale Signs Of An Addictive Personality

There are several traits or tell tale signs that can highlight an addictive personality. They include:

  • Binge or comfort eating
  • The need for alcohol in order to relax
  • Continual phone checking
  • Quick and continued replacement of sexual partners
  • Impulse buying
  • Excessive risk taking
  • Drug use in order to ‘help cope’
  • A feeling of never being satisfied
  • Gambling excessively 
  • The use of harmful chemicals and an inability to stop

Are You Predisposed To An Addictive Personality?

Numerous studies have taken place, showing there are links between genetics and someone’s likelihood to have an addictive personality. For example, if a child is born to parents, both with substance abuse, they are far more likely to show addictive personality traits later down the line. This is also the case for those born to parents with anxiety,  depression, OCD and more. While genetics aren’t the sole cause, they can be a huge factor or influencer.

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