London firm launches free virtual coaching chats to stay connected in adversity


Business coaching company 1404 Performance is running FREE virtual lunch break chats, designed to help workers not only survive but thrive during this time of huge uncertainty.

The first interactive session is Friday 27th March between 1-2pm and will feature top tips on how to stay positive, focused and motivated – by adapting goals, continuing to connect with colleagues old and new, plus supporting mental health and well being.

1404 Performance (which has a base at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton) is run by mental performance expert Andy Cohen-Wray and leading motivational/inspirational coach Danny Crates, who have invested in the latest conference call software to bring people together and impart their knowledge, ideas and experience.

A free trial run last week saw business heads from London, the Home Counties, the Midlands, Leeds, Scotland and even Spain and the Canary Islands successfully join in to pool resources, share best practice and generally collaborate and remain engaged.

Andy explains: “Most people are having to work from home due to social distancing and whilst they will still have calls and webcams about their job, the key ingredient missing is human interaction – those chats around the coffee machine, water cooler or over lunch. This has the potential to leave people feeling bereft and adrift and ultimately affect mental health, especially those for whom their work and social life are inextricably linked.

“We’re all forced entrepreneurs now, so it’s a time to learn new roles and skills and take on extra responsibilities, plus work on our weaknesses. How you change is how you succeed and we can all help each other to get better at what we do now and in the future.”

Danny adds: “Isolation is the key theme here because it’s important to ensure any functioning and successful business team remains and feels connected at a human level. Just because we can no longer high-five in the corridor, doesn’t mean we have to totally become a nation of people working in silos – plus this can also be the time to take stock and control back and even evaluate where you want to take your career.

“For those like us, no longer able to work, it’s also about getting busy in other ways and via additional networks and friendships generating new energies and ways of thinking. We can’t control the current unprecedented situation, but we can take charge of how we deal with it.”

For further details on Friday’s free Virtual Lunch Break Chat and how to join the meeting via the simple online conferencing platform, email Andy and Danny at: There is also a Facebook page that people can ask to join to keep the connectivity and conversations going between sessions