What Makes Builford Waxed Canvas Bags Authentic

photo by Alexander Klebe

Somewhere on every Builford bag, you’ll find a stamp. On some models it is brass, on some it’s leather. On it, you’ll find the Builford logo, and the words “Genuine wax wear.”

What does it mean to be genuine in the world of waxed canvas? When we say “Keep the Origin,” what are we really talking about?

The art of infusing canvas with wax has now been around for close to a hundred years, if not before that. Now, most people consider waxed canvas “vintage,” as there’s something old school about it. These days, if we want something waterproof, or durable, or tough, there’s a synthetic fabric on hand. Something manufactured, something made in a lab.

photo by Alexander Klebe

Before there were synthetics to do all that, there was waxed canvas. And one of the first companies to do it was Martexin.

Technically a family business, Martexin was the original waxed canvas maker. Their formula withstood the test of time and is still considered the best quality on the market. Indeed, they’ve had a hundred years to perfect it, and they’re still tweaking and adjusting!

Keep the Origin, Respect the Future

For us at Builford, it’s not about cellophane wrapping the past and keeping things endlessly the way they were. Genuine is understanding what worked, and why it worked, and keeping those elements.

Builford has been using Martexin waxed canvas from the beginning, because we believe that it’s the best quality. We respect the longevity of the company as well as their willingness to develop and grow.

In many ways, Builford and Martexin have very similar visions and ways of working. That’s why we’re not just using Martexin canvas blindly in our backpacks – our relation with the company is a proper collaboration.

Because we wanted to reimagine waxed canvas as a fashion item, we needed a lighter, slightly softer version of the normal heavy waxed canvas. We needed the right colors, and the right texture. Martexin was right there with us, finding the perfect adjustments to their formula that would give us exactly what we needed.

photo by Alexander Klebe

It’s not about reinventing the wheel, and that’s why we called our backpacks genuine waxwear. The foundation is based on the same formula and elements that have withstood the test of the time, but with the understanding of a modern context.

So are Builford bags vintage?

At first sight, they seem to be. The design and the materials both read as vintage to modern eyes. When you know more about Builford and our craftsman-like attention to detail in production, it seems even more quaint.

That is exactly the point. These are modern bags, with modern conveniences and built to withstand the modern life. They have laptop compartments and side zippers. At the same time, they are grounded by their links to the past.

Waxed canvas has always been associated with the spirit of adventure, carried by explorers, pioneers, and outdoorsmen. These days we have nylons and synthetics for an age of digitalization and simulation, but somewhere, waxed canvas is still exploring. At Builford, we are still developing, still questioning, still reimagining – which we believe is the genuine spirit of wax wear.

Authentic waxed canvas backpacks. Only from Builford.

Keep the Origin.

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