What Studies Show and How Can You Earn a High-Paying Job Without a Degree?


Everyone dreams of landing a high-paying job someday. But how possible is this without a college degree? There is no denying that the majority of high-paying jobs necessitate that you have a degree. For example, professions such as medicine and law require a mandatory degree in the relevant fields. 

Does that mean you cannot land a high-paying job without a degree? Write an essay for me service experts dive into this subject to help you learn what studies show and how you can earn a high-paying job even without a degree.

Is It Possible to Land High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree? 

For many years, it was believed that how much money you make depends on your level of education. Several studies have indicated that individuals with Associate degrees or GED certificates earn much less than those with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. 

For example, according to a study carried out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctorate holders are the highest earners followed by professional degree holders, Master’s degree holders, Bachelor’s degree holders, Associate degree holders, some college, no degree holders, and high school diploma holders. Those who didn’t even finish school end the list with the lowest-paid job opportunities. 

While such statistics may hold, there are numerous exceptions. For instance, a study carried out by the Georgetown University’s Center on Education, and the Workforce found out that many people who don’t have degree qualifications are earning a lot. For instance, 50% of Bachelor’s degree holders earned less money than 28%, 23%, and 16% of individuals with Associate degrees, some college workers, and high school graduates.  

Another study shows that college graduates aged between 25 and 32 earn as much as $17,500 higher than individuals with a degree. Thus, these statistics should encourage you to work hard even without a degree, showing that education is not the only variable in the equation of financial success. 

How to Earn a High-Paying Job Without a Degree?  

Did you know you can earn as much as $75,000 each year without a Master’s degree? There are numerous opportunities out there to help you foot your bills without worrying about your degree. 

So, how do you earn a high-paying job without a degree? Here’s how:

  1. Offer Consulting Services 

Think outside the routine jobs of training bookkeepers or even teaching a business management course. You can offer consulting services instead and get paid for sharing advice on anything you are passionate and knowledgeable in – from accounting to lean management. 

Research widely about the pain points that most individuals in your industry have. Then find a way of solving their significant problems. With a consultancy business, you enjoy maximum flexibility and have a chance to bank a lot of money. However, to increase your earning potential, it is advisable to have certifications for the tools you recommend your clients to use.   

  1. Create a Product

There are so many products you can create to earn a living. The common ones are eBooks and Kindle books, but these are not the only ones. Nowadays, different people and corporations need various products. For instance, websites such as Gumroad offer you a platform to sell films, software, books, and music, among others. The idea is that you can make a lot of money selling products online. 

However, it would help if you had a strategy for this undertaking to be successful. For example, you should have a plan on how to create more opportunities. Additionally, make sure that whatever you are selling solves a significant issue your target audience is facing.   

  1. Be a Domain Expert

Domain experts and subject matter experts (SMEs) offer expertise and knowledge in a variety of topics. Your task will be to provide accurate content on a given subject. Usually, most SMEs are based on vocational, technical, and academic fields and not on any particular degree. For example, a company offering staff training will have reliable training materials such as courses and videos. 

  1. Look for Non-Degree Jobs

Some jobs don’t require a degree and still are high-paying. For instance, being a gaming manager won’t require you to have a degree, provided you can plan and coordinate casino operations. Similarly, web developers, social media marketers, and delivery persons don’t need a degree, just some basic training, but still earn a decent amount at the end of the month. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it – evidence that you can earn enough money without having a degree. However, this does not dismiss going to college altogether. It means that you can leverage your skills, expertise, and passion for earning a living without limiting yourself to the received diploma.