5 reasons why Riga is the best place to have your weight loss surgery


If you’re planning a weight loss surgery abroad, there are many options to choose from. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the advantages of having the procedure done in the Baltic States, and in particular, good old Latvia. Here are our top 5 reasons why Riga/Latvia consistently makes it into lists for the “Best weight loss surgery abroad”.


It’s no secret that Latvia is one of the leading countrieswhen it comes to any weight loss surgery abroad. Logically, the greater the number of surgeries performed, the more experience the clinics and surgeons have. This all adds up in the quality of the services Latvian weight loss surgery clinicscan provide you with.


Let’s face it – weight loss surgeries are never cheap. So how much you will need to pay is a very valid question, especially with the extra travel expenses you’ll also have to come up with. Even having a mini gastric bypass abroad can make a big difference in expenses. Latvia, in comparison to the UK or Switzerland, has the same standard of excellent clinics, but is a cheaper country with much more affordable prices, while the quality and experience remain the same, or even higher.


Travelling can be a nuisance, even without all of the current restrictions, and nobody wants the added hassle of logistics when they’re already anxious or recovering from surgery. Not only is Latvia comfortably located in Europe, its capital city Riga has one of the best connected airports  – as well as abig international bus station for those taking shorter trips.

No long waiting lines

In many countries, the waiting lines for weight loss surgery can be years long. Even with top notch service, this isn’t an option for many people, especially if they’re dealing with serious health problems. This is where Latvia has the upper hand, since thanks to a multitude of private clinics specializing in slimming surgeries, the waiting lines are often no longer than say, 1-2 months – something definitely worth considering when thinking of having a gastric bypass surgery abroad, or any other type of weight loss surgery for that matter.

Good climate

Because let’s face it, you want to be comfortable both before and after your slimming surgery abroad. Extensive hot or cold temperatures can be horrible, both for recovery and travelling.Latvia’s climate is a nice European medium which is about the best anyone could ask for.

No time for cultural shocks

Learning all about new exotic countries and cultures is fantastic, but maybe not when you’re already busy with a life changing surgical event! The same thing applies to food and drinks – before or after a gastric sleeve abroad for example, you will want to keep things simple and avoid being overwhelmed. There will be other opportunities to sample foreign delicacies. Latvia keeps it simple and cool – in the best sense of the word.

Variety of clinics

Last but not least, there is a wide variety of clinics in Riga, for example Weightlossriga.co.uk  and around Latvia to choose from, so you are never stuck with just one option. There is also plenty of first-hand customer feedback to be found online as well.

So, all in all, if you are considering having weight loss surgery abroad, Latvia is definitely one of the countries to put into your top list of “must-look-into” countries, and lovely Riga is waiting for you!