Where Can I Buy CBD Oil?


In recent years, CBD has become an extremely popular dietary supplement in the UK. An increasing number of people are looking to natural supplements, such as CBD, as an alternative to old-school artificial options that have been around for decades.

There have been several cases that have made news headlines highlighting the potential health benefits of taking CBD regularly. With its ever-growing media attention, CBD has become one of the fastest-growing areas of the health industry in the UK.

The UK’s CBD industry is still relatively new when compared to other countries, such as the US, where CBD has been used as a health supplement for some time. It is only in the last year that CBD has become widely available, with pharmacies and health food stores now stocking CBD products.

With the UK CBD industry still in its early stages, it is not always clear where you can buy cbd oil uk from and which brands you should trust. So, let’s take a look at precisely what CBD oil is and where you can buy CBD oil in the UK.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to take CBD as a dietary supplement. CBD oils are both quick and straightforward to use, while also being extremely versatile. CBD oil can either be enjoyed on its own by using the dropper provided, or it can be added to foods and drinks for a discreet way to take CBD while out and about.

The majority of the CBD oils sold within the UK are made by extracting CBD from hemp plants that have been grown within the EU. While the US might have the largest CBD industry in the world, they have slightly different laws as to the amount of THC that CBD oils can contain. Therefore, UK-based CBD brands tend to source their CBD from EU farms with identical regulations to the UK.

CBD can be extracted from hemp plants in two ways. The most intensive method results in pure CBD – or CBD isolate as it is often called – meaning that it only contains the one cannabinoid, CBD, with all others having been removed.

The second method allows all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids within hemp plants to be retained and is known as full-spectrum CBD. Hemp plants contain up to a hundred different cannabinoids, which can work together within the body to produce more effective results than CBD on its own.


Provacan is one of the largest CBD retailers in the UK, known for its high quality, sustainable products. When shopping with Provacan, you are always guaranteed the same exceptional quality, with all products containing full-spectrum CBD that has been sourced from organic farms in the UK.

Provacan believes in offering its customers choice and ensuring that everyone feels in control of their health. When shopping with Provacan, there are four different CBD oils to choose from. For customers who are looking for a low dose supplement, Provacan sells a 300mg option; meanwhile, for those who require a much stronger dose, there is a 2400mg CBD oil.

One of the things that makes Provacan’s CBD oils stand out from the crowd is their lack of added flavonoids. While flavored CBD oils can make for a sweet treat, they are not something that you want on a daily basis, with many leaving a lingering taste in your mouth. Provacan understands that their customers wish to natural oils with a flavor profile to match.

Celtic Wind CBD

Celtic Wind CBD oils can be found in your local Lloyds Pharmacy, as well as on the online store. Celtic Wind has designed its CBD oils to fit seamlessly into a busy 21st-century lifestyle, combining portability, convenience, and effective results all into one small bottle.

There are two different types of oil to choose from when shopping with Celtic Wind: CBD isolate oils, and the multi-complex full-spectrum CBD oil. For those customers who value choice and the ability to decide precisely what they put into their body, being able to choose between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD is an important feature.

Celtic Wind CBD oils are available in three different strength options ranging from 3% up to 10%, giving you complete control.

All of Celtic Wind’s CBD oils are made using 100% sustainable manufacturing methods and contain CBD that has been sourced from organic hemp farms. Celtic Wind guarantees its customers high-quality products and effective results, all at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy CBD Oil

As CBD continues to grow in popularity, and more people become aware of its potential health benefits, the UK’s CBD market grows with it.

People now have more choices than ever before regarding the supplements that they take and the way in which they can take them. CBD oil allows you to take control of your health, deciding your dosage with products that work around your daily routine.

Why not check out some of the brands discussed and give CBD a try for yourself?