Why are Betway’s promotions more sought after than those offered by other websites?


Some gambling companies in Bulgaria have chosen the country as their first option, which means they’ve beenavailable for many years. After some brands saw theirsuccess, they’ve also decided to start operating in this country. That’s why iGaming operators like Betwayobtained a permit and started accepting Bulgariancustomers. Interestingly, the Betway bonus is faircompared to other bookmaker bonuses in Bulgariabecause it offers different perks that do not have highrollover requirements. Unfortunately, this is a commonrestriction among betting websites in the country.

Everyone who takes a look at the available options fromBetway Bulgaria will notice that not all of them look thatappealing. In fact, some of the promotions are standard, which means gamblers might find them on other sites. Fortunately, there are a couple of things that make the offerings from Betway more sought-after, so let’s gothrough them.

Almost all of the bonuses are for sports, and onlinebettors in Bulgaria love sports

Online punters in every country have specificpreferences that iGaming sites must adhere to if theywant to be successful. Some people prefer casino games, which requires the companies to offer moreslots. With that being said, most people (as well as thosein Bulgaria) are more interested in betting on sports. Luckily, Betway’s promotion is heavily focused on itssportsbook, which means it will appeal to most onlinegamblers in Bulgaria.

The fact that there are more proposals for sports meansthat football bettors in the country will have more fun. They have the chance to gain extra funds, create uniquebets, and even use special propositions such as sharinga bet. Sadly, this comes at a cost because the casino section does not provide any rewards except for the welcome promotion (at least for now).

Even though there are more sports bettors in Bulgariathan casino fans, some use both categories. Therefore, we expect Betway to come up with at least a few othercasino prepositions at some point.

Some offers are unique

You don’t need to be an expert at online betting to seethat most bookmakers in the world copy each other. There might be differences in terms of the design andsome features, but if you check the statistics, almostevery company offers the same things when it comesdown to bonuses. Even the Betway bonus codeaccessible to bettors in Bulgaria will allow them to usesimilar proposals to those offered by other sites. Fortunately, this operator also has a few options that areunique.

The promotion that stands out is known as Share a bet, and it is something that no other online bookie inBulgaria offers. As its name implies, you can use it to share a bet with your friends, which should help youbecause they could give you specific tips and tricks.

Share a bet is a unique promotion, but it is only availablein situations where you bet on at least a couple of events. Once you do that, Betway should provide youwith a unique code that you can use to share your bet.

If you don’t want to place a bet yet, you canbookoneusing the unique option. This is the better variationbecause you won’t need to use any real money beforesharing the bet with your friends.

Some of the bonuses may be used for eSports

One of Betway’s hidden weapons that will help it gainnew users in Bulgaria is its eSports section. Everyonefamiliar with this brand knows that it is the leadingeSports betting operator, which means that some of the bonuses it offers can be used by people who punt oncomputer games.

Unsurprisingly, many people assume that there will beeven more eSports bonuses that they could choose froma couple of years from now.