Why Are STORED Storage Units So Popular Amongst University Students


University life is nothing short of a challenge. Amidst hectic schedules and tough studies, you will come across numerous situations where all you’ll want is some space (quite literally!).

For times like these, STORED’s student storage units offer the perfect all-inclusive solution! Whether you’re moving back home for the summer or taking a short trip with your friends over the weekend, you’ll never have to think twice before storing your stuff again!

With STORED’s highly convenient and completely hassle-free services, you save not only your time, but also your blood, sweat, and tears!

  1. Cheaper than self storage London

STORED knows how important it is to stay on a budget as a student. With the increasing cost of living in London, it is essential you save up wherever you can!

STORED’s student storage units are extremely affordable and offer great value for the price. The monthly packages are all-inclusive, covering liability charges along with van and loading assistance. STORED’s cost per month for all sizes is also a lot less than traditional self storage London facilities.

We have short term packages as well as long term deals for whether you want to store your belongings for a couple of days to a few months (and even years!).

And if you’re still short on money, you can rent the larger student storage units to share with a friend and then split the costs, making it economical for everyone!

Student Beans is offering an exciting 50% discount on all orders of student storage units. With all these deals and discounts every few months, students love our storage facilities and we have remarkable reviews for our customer service!

With such great services at the best prices, you reap much more benefits than you would with self storage London! So, make your life easier and save money by choosing STORED today! 

  1. Highly secure

As a first-year, you might find yourself with more items than you have space for in your tiny dorm. Whether you’ve gotten extra clothes or albums to remember your family, you’ll want your valuable belongings to be in safe hands.

STORED offers extremely safe and secure storage units. The facilities are purpose-built and you can relieve yourself of the additional stress of managing your belongings!

Your belongings are STORED’s responsibility!

The student storage units are monitored by 24/7 CCTV surveillance and heavy-duty alarm systems at all times. They always remain locked, and only team access is allowed.

You can choose the online inventory option to keep a check on your stuff from home!

There’s a reason STORED’s student storage units are so popular! STORED gives you peace of mind so you can conveniently forget about security issues and focus your energy on more important things such as your studies and extracurriculars!

  1. Hassle-free

STORED’s entire student storage process is conveniently hassle-free and much simpler than most London self storage facilities.

Whether you are a local student studying in London or an international one who’s flown in from miles away, a first-year undergraduate student or a postgraduate one ready to graduate, STORED has an accommodating package to fulfill everyone’s needs!

STORED takes the utmost pride in our customer service! In case you decide not to return back from your holiday, STORED can also ship your belongings to anywhere in the world!

All kinds of students prefer STORED for its convenience and simple procedures. With none of the tug and pull required as in London self storage, this is the ideal solution to all your storage dilemmas!

  1. Save time & energy

As a university student, there’s always so much to do and so little time. With free collection from your door step to returning your belongings whenever you request for them, STORED has got it all covered! So, save your energy and let our two man team do all the lifting for you!

And if you still can’t take out enough time from your busy schedule to pack your belongings, we offer packing services too!

Many students live halfway across the country and it’s not possible to haul all your belongings with you every time you travel. So, let STORED take care of your belongings for you and don’t burden yourself with anymore than you can!

With no picking, dropping, or moving duties, you can now save your time and energy to focus on things you actually enjoy doing! This means you don’t have to cancel that movie plan to pack and take a trip to your storage unit- it’s all taken care of!

  1. Extremely flexible

Students may rent storage units for various needs. Whether you require storage space over the weekend while you shift hostels or for a longer period throughout the semester, STORED has a solution to all your dilemmas!

STORED has lots of flexible packages available so you can choose a lite package, seasonal storage package, larger student storage unit to share, or ask about customized arrangements!

STORED offers a wide range of sizes to store virtually anything from winter clothes and swimming gear to cycles and furniture. Whether you require your belongings early in the morning or later in the evening, STORED’s drop-off slots are very flexible.

With all these benefits and such convenience, you’ll never want to go for self storage London again! So, make your life easier by placing an online order and availing STORED’s committed services today!

You don’t come to us, we come to you! STORED has dedicated student storage units for a number of universities in and around London.

So, save yourself the sweat and tears from Self Storage London, and opt for STORED’s exclusive student storage units instead! It is the perfect hassle-free solution for you to spend time on things that matter much more than simply running back and forth from storage units!

Help us make your student journey as smooth and convenient as it can be. STORED has been making lives easier for hundreds of students just like you in the past!