Why IT Graduates Should Join The Cyber Security Sector


Information Technology has always been an exciting field to focus on for graduates. This is mainly because this area of expertise can be used for a huge range of sectors and industries; thus making a career extremely rewarding and versatile. Therefore, it is no surprise to see opportunities all around the globe. This is especially the case for any major city, London being a prime example where a variety of positions are keenly sought after via renowned job sites such as Jobrapido. In fact, it is these recruitment sites that are witnessing an increasing number of people getting involved the Cyber Security sector. So, it now begs the question as to why anyone should favour roles in this specific field.

If you’re wondering what cyber security is, in simple terms, it’s the industry which helps to protect networks and systems from attacks; which can lead to data breaches and downtime, for example. We regularly see reports of cyber attacks in the news. But the cybersecurity sector aims to prevent them as best as possible.

While cyber attacks and online criminality have been around since the Internet came into existence, the cybersecurity industry is very much a new sector in comparison. So, it makes it an ideal prospect for IT graduates as they will be working in a relatively new industry which is moving at a rapid pace.

One thing you can be sure of where cyber security is concerned is roles will be progressive and have the opportunity for long term progression. Unlike other new industries around the world, cybersecurity is here to stay. There won’t ever come a time where the Internet doesn’t exist in some way, shape or form. And therefore, there will always be hackers and cybercriminals looking to take advantage. So, if you enter the cyber security industry, you will have a job for life.

Another reason a career in cybersecurity will be appealing, especially to IT grads, is the earning potential. Salaries in the industry are generally high, and as you become more skilled and experienced, your potential earnings are only going to move in a positive direction. It is also one of the very few sectors where the demands are balanced off well with gains.

Furthermore, we find a lot of job satisfaction working within cybersecurity too, for multiple reasons. There will be a sense of achievement when tasks or projects reach a close, as there will be a lot of problem solving, decision making, and pressure involved. Cybersecurity has a positive impact across the board as well. It doesn’t just benefit businesses or companies who may have fell afoul of some sort of cyberattack by online criminals. It helps ordinary everyday people as well. So, you’re doing something for the greater good which is morally correct.

Finally, everyone will be able to work with the very latest in technology. Getting to grips with the latest tech will not only be exciting, but it will also allow you to gain experience with it. This could be beneficial if you should change roles in the industry, or move to a different one in the future. So, the experience and skills being transferrable is another plus to consider as a graduate moving into the sector, especially if you plan to progress further in your career.