Why Men are Hard-Wired to Love Gaming


Men have a lot of hobbies and activities that they love, but very few can compare to the love of gaming. There is just something so exciting about video games that draw men and even boys in. It almost seems as though they may be hard-wired to love gaming and it’s outside of their control. But have you ever wondered why that is the case? What is it about gaming that guys can’t seem to say no to? Here are some of the basic reasons why guys may be drawn to gaming and why it may continue to be their favourite activity.

Think of Gaming as a Digital Man Cave

Most people are familiar with the concept of a man cave a spot in the home where guys go to relax, enjoy their activities and chill with their friends. The problem is that you need the dedicated available space in your home to create a man cave and this isn’t always possible or desirable. But here’s where gaming can offer the upper hand, as it can create a digital man cave, if you will. When guys are gaming, they tend to get pretty absorbed in the game and may even be playing with buddies in their house or online. It creates the same vibe as a man cave, just in a digital sense.

There is a Challenge and Competition Element

Then there is the fact that gaming has a challenge and competition element to it that many men are naturally drawn to. While it may not feel like a traditional competition such as playing in a sports game, there is still a competitive edge.

All you have to do is take a look at a popular game such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and you’ll see that there is a leader board that players are constantly trying to climb. Each battle allows them to better their skills and their gameplay, working their way up the ranks. It creates competition, which can be addictive.

They Can Enjoy a Wide Variety of Options

For men that get bored easily and need something new to be entertained with, gaming can be a perfect solution as it’s never dull. The sheer volume of options means they can play something new all the time if they choose, or pick a few favourites that they can master.

Men can play war style games, feed their love of sports with sportsthemed options, get their fill of casinostyle games with online pokies Australia or even tap into their creative side with games like Minecraft and Animal Crossing: New Horizons where you build your own world. In this sense,gaming can be a more versatile hobby than most others since there is so much to choose from.

However, rather than wonder why guys seem to be hard-wired to love gaming, you may want to take a broader look as there are several top women video gamers today that have built quite a following. So, it seems this hobby may be hard-wired into both sexes.