Why Swingers is a great way to start your summer


The History of Swingers’ Golf

Swingers crazy golf was founded by Matt Grech-Smith and Jeremy Simmonds, who had a vision for a crazy golf club that combined golfing activities, cocktails and street food. It sounded like a crazy idea initially, but the two founders decided to give the idea a test run by having a five-month pop-up in Shoreditch, London.

Tickets sold out as soon as the news went out, and that was enough assurance that the crazy idea was actually a great idea. The first permanent location for Swingers was opened in 2016 in London, where they won multiple awards for the party experience, food and drinks offered. The second venue followed two years later at the Oxford Circus, still in London.

The British Theme

The venue is designed in an old 1920’s English Riviera ambience. Matt and Jeremy wanted to create a space for people to experience the 1920’s old-school vibe with a contemporary touch. The furnishing involves cosy and classy items to immerse the golfers in the British country club world. The staff dress in old-school outfits as they offer top-notch foods and drinks for their customers.

Swingers are famous for their 1920’s theme that allows young and older people to socialize in an environment that integrates different vibes that cut across all ages and personalities.

Competition and Socializing Combined

Over the years, the crazy golf london venue has successfully provided their clients with an all-around experience. The premises contain four majestic nine-hole golf courses. Caddies are always on standby to offer drinks and advice to competitors as they manoeuvre through the crazy tests of skills.

Street foods are offered in their restaurants alongside a wide variety of drinks, allowing people to socialize and compete in fun games at the same time. The music is classical, and the ambience is conducive for people to catch up and relax as they interact.

Swingers’ crazy golf has an online booking platform through their website where you can reserve a space for yourself and your friends. If you’re not a fan of golf, the premises has darts next to a bar where the experienced mixologists custom make drinks just the way you like them.

The Re-opening After Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, public places like golf clubs had to be locked down according to government restrictions. Outgoing people are exhausted by the boredom and monotony of life experienced during the lockdown. People have demanded the chance to get their lives back to normal through social platforms like what Swingers’ offers.

Thankfully, things are looking up, and places have opened up as the vaccine administration continues to help in reducing the spread of the virus. Swingers’ reopened on the 19th of May, 2021.

Social distancing, wearing masks, and other safety regulations will be put in place at all Swingers’ premises. Everyone who plans to visit the various Swingers’ fun spots is advised to observe all Covid-19 safety protocols as the world continues to flatten the viral curve.