Online Jobs That Have Grown During The Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has enabled businesses and employees to turn to a work from home (WFH) model. Technology aided the job market with apps and software that helps connect people remotely. Collaborative work, education, and support took on greater importance due to the devastating effects of the pandemic. The UK also greatly suffered in 2020, with most of the workforce confined at home to observe social distancing norms. The emergence of vaccines has helped bring some semblance of normalcy to jobs. Yet, there has been an unprecedented rise in the emergence of online job vacancies in the UK.

Initially, there were concerns about productivity and efficiency in the WFH model. However, research suggests that there is a 13% increase in employee performance while working remotely. It was seen that most people could work more productively from the comfort of their homes. Jobs in work areas with a higher level of physical proximity could function on remote-work models, thereby eliminating the need for huge offices and subsequent overheads.

Today, the career opportunities for online jobs have increased during the pandemic, with many of the skilled class preferring employment that allowed flexibility in working remotely. Since working from home has appealed to so many adults, several jobs are available across various experience levels and fields.

Let us look at some online jobs that have grown during the pandemic.


While several schools are returning to in-person classes, most students feel the need for external assistance with their studies. Students sitting for the GCSEs usually need assistance with their individual subjects. Online Tutoring helps them understand the course material from the comfort of their homes (in a safe environment) conducive to learning.

Tutoring saw a massive rise during the pandemic since parents were finding it hard to cope with the academic requirements of their children. Online tutoring helped working parents concentrate on their WFH jobs, while children turned to tutors for help. Tutors are needed full time, part-time, freelance, and vocational subjects, leading to a huge demand for extra support.

Personal Trainer:

Online fitness programs that can be attended from home have become a craze during the pandemic. With public places like gyms and parks shut, most people needed to find other ways to help keep themselves fit. This need gave rise to an unprecedented number of personal trainers.

Most trainers usually have some background in fitness and also offer meal guidelines and motivational workouts. Some also conduct online group sessions with clearly defined milestones. These training sessions are further divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes depending on the level of fitness of the users.

Since most physical trainers prefer the actual workout and not the creation of content, apps and software that allow them to go live with subscribers actually helped scale the scope of clientele.

Telehealth Nurses:

Online telehealth nurses are still in demand. Even though the vaccines are rolled out, most people prefer getting medical consultation from home and avoid making the trip to the doctor’s office. So even before the pandemic hit, the telehealth nursing profession was seeing a rise.

Many employers are actively looking for telehealth nurses for online consultation (especially about Covid-19). In addition, part-time telehealth nurses are also in high demand owing to the increasing demand. However, before signing up as a telehealth nurse, it would be best to check the licensing requirements.

Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assistants have to provide administrative assistance from the comfort of their homes. Virtual assistants are required for various services like email management, responding to inquiries, online event planning, coordination, social media strategizing, marketing, and public relations.

Virtual assistants also have to conduct market research and make reports, organize virtual meetings and conferences. Since the pandemic, virtual assistants everywhere were in demand since the organization part of the work increased.

School Psychologists:

The jobs for online school psychologists grew exponentially during the pandemic since most students faced acute social withdrawal, anxiety, and stress. These psychologists provide online assistance to students that need a safe space to communicate about their mental well-being. In addition, school psychologists in the UK work with children of all ages to help identify emotional issues, struggles, learning disabilities, and much more.

With so many schools still providing online learning options, these specialists needed to perform this critical service virtually. Before applying for the role of a school psychologist, you would have to check the licensing requirements and experience required.

While these online jobs are popular, this list is not exhaustive. For example, several more online jobs have grown during the pandemic. Other jobs include bookkeeper, consultants, customer service representatives, sales agents, and translators.