Wimbledon fever comes to YouTube


Lawn tennis is one of our much-loved classic British sports. Nothing says summer has arrived like enjoying a glass of Pimms and a bowl of strawberries and cream whilst watching a Williams sister whack a tiny yellow ball across a grass court.

With over 650 matches across the Wimbledon fortnight, even the most hardcore fan would struggle to catch every ace hit, call challenged and deuce winner. Luckily, The Wimbledon YouTube Channel will be featuring a live stream throughout the Fortnight, which includes live look-ins, features, interviews, behind the scenes and match analysis. Live from 9am to the close of play, and presented from a variety of locations including The Queue, Centre Court, The Hill, and a Centre Court commentary box, the channel shows off the full breadth of being on the ground at The Championships, to give you an experience that is the next best thing to being there.

The YouTube trends team has looked into the data and uncovered that UK viewership of tennis videos on YouTube has risen by 55% in the last year. Edinburgh is a city in love with the game as they are one of the top viewers of tennis content, ahead of London, which is home to The Championships.

It’s not just Brits that love the game either, global views of Wimbledon content and other tennis-related content on YouTube have risen by over 70% in the same timeframe.

Tomos Grace, YouTube’s Head of Sport for Europe Middle East and Africa says: “At YouTube, we see a huge rise in people viewing tennis content during any of the Grand Slams and in Britain nothing tops Wimbledon. YouTube is one of the top viewing destinations for sport and we’re delighted that The Wimbledon YouTube channel will be streaming top match action and news during The Championships.”

Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content & Digital at the AELTC says: “YouTube is a really important part of our platform mix, ensuring that sports fans around the world have the opportunity to experience a breadth of Wimbledon content – whether it’s our live Wimbledon Channel, or our quick clips and highlights, behind the scenes insights and analysis, all the way through to those moments you just can’t plan for that sum up just what Wimbledon is all about…long live the man in the skirt!”

Most viewed videos from The Wimbledon YouTube Channel:

1Kim Clijsters gives man tennis skirt for hit at Wimbledon 2017 (4.3M)

2Catch it like David Beckham (2.7M)

3The Best Game Ever ? Murray v Federer (2.2M)

4Nick Kyrgios hits ‘shot of the year’ v Nadal – Wimbledon 2014 (2.1M)

5Serena Williams forced to withdraw from doubles – Wimbledon 2014 (1.9M)