Woodland Trust to establish new 70-acre woods for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


A plan to create dozens of 70-acre woods in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 has been unveiled by the Woodland Trust.

The United Kingdom’s largest woodland conservation charity is calling on landowners to help mark Her Majesty’s 70-year reign as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) – a unique tree-planting initiative which is inviting people from across the UK to ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’.

Creating up to 70 ‘Platinum Jubilee Woods’ supports the Woodland Trust’s long-term mass scale woodland ambitions and will help tackle the climate and nature crisis.

“This is an exciting and ambitious project that will be a fitting way to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years of service,” said Dr Darren Moorcroft, chief executive of the Woodland Trust.

“We want landowners to play a crucial role in this incredible initiative which will not only be a fantastic living and growing legacy for Her Majesty but will also help fight climate change and create essential new woodland habitats.”

The QGC is encouraging everyone to play their part to enhance our environment by planting trees during the official planting season until March 2022, with tree planting to start again in October through to the end of the Jubilee year.

Colonel Dan Rex, chief executive of The Queen’s Green Canopy, said: “We are delighted that our partners, the Woodland Trust, are leading this significant and ambitious contribution to The Queen’s Green Canopy.

“We appeal to all landowners who may have land available to support this important initiative.”

As part of its 70-acre woods plan, the Woodland Trust will offer expert advice on planting the right trees in the right place, as well as guidance on management, financial support and grant applications.

Trees can play a huge part in tackling climate change and the Woodland Trust is aiming to establish at least 50 million new trees by 2025.

Dr Moorcroft continued: “Not only do we need more trees, what we have are still at risk and nature is in decline.

“The woods and trees we establish today will join our army of existing trees which are working tirelessly to clean our air, improve our mental health and capture carbon – as well as providing safe places for our wildlife to flourish.

“We remain one of the least wooded countries at 13% woodland cover, compared to an average of 37% in the rest of Europe. But we can all play a role in increasing tree numbers to help nature recover and to help tackle the climate crisis.”

Trees are only part of the solution in the ongoing fight to reduce global CO2 emissions, but to help reach the UK government’s 2050 target to become carbon net zero the UK’s woodland cover needs to increase from 13% to at least 19%.

Woods and trees can help prevent flooding, cool city temperatures, reduce pollution and keep soil nutrient rich.

The UK is also facing a nature crisis. But restoring precious habitats and planting new native woodland with UK-grown trees, will extend and create havens for wildlife and boost biodiversity.

The Woodland Trust is a leading delivery partner of The Queen’s Green Canopy. Schools and community groups are able to apply for up to three million free saplings in tree packs, through the Free Trees for Schools and Communities Scheme.

If you would like to get involved in the Woodland Trust’s Platinum Jubilee Woods initiative, you can contact us to find out more by emailing [email protected]. Please send a brief description of the planned wood along with the location and a map.