WOW! World of Warcraft Classic is finally here – Is it worth playing?


Blizzard is finally allowing WoW fans to go back to where it all began. World of Warcraft Classic has been released to the WoW community. We expect is to sooth the nostalgic nerves of the gaming community whether they are current players or they haven’t played in years. We know that many of you are going to be staying up late playing this classic, so we will discuss a few concerns that the community have risen since its return was announced.

New-Old features in World of Warcraft Classic

Everyone has been asking about the new-old features introduced to World of Warcraft Classic, and there is some thrilling news to note about its return.

Upcoming events in WoW Classic

As far as we know, the most important news regarding World of Warcraft Classic is that it’s in Phase 4 as of this post, which means that developers will include activities like the Green Dragon World Bosses, Zul’Gurub rain, and many others.

Later on down the road, we will see some of the most exciting World of Warcraft Classic events, the Opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. Because thousands of players will battle the terrors awaiting beneath Siliths, Blizzard is actively stress-testing its servers to prepare themselves for the launch of this event.

Botting concerns in WoW Classic

Roughly 74,000 accounts were perma-banned, and more are coming. This is in response to Blizzard’s taking extreme measures to stop the botting issues growing in World of Warcraft Classic. Since its launch, the World of Warcraft subscriptions has doubled because of WoW Classic’s launch. Whenever there is a massive influx of true fans wanting to enjoy the game, there also follows many community abusers that Blizzard wants no part.

Regimented deadlines are changing

Whenever there is a new event, it will be organic in nature, meaning that data collected by developers will help dictate when they should update a new event to the servers. In an interview with the director of World of Warcraft Classic’s launch and its future, Ion Hazzikostas (the director) said they “want to make sure that [they’re] not rushing players through content ever and not obsoleting stuff before it has a chance to breathe.”

Hazzikostas goes on to state that “if we’re rushing players onto Ahn’Qiraj when most of them only have three or four pieces of their tier-2 sets of Blackwing Lair, that’s cutting the content short. We want to avoid that.” It makes total sense that they would want a more intimate connection with the community.

Other games like Destiny have done similar things where they micromanage events’ progression, but most of the time, we see games follow a narrow path to advance their content. A “time trial” energy is never intentional, but that’s the feeling you instill in players when every update, no matter the size, gets a set amount of time to complete, and World of Warcraft Classic’s director Ion Hazzikostas recognizes this.

Is it too late to get into World of Warcraft Classic?

When a game lasts as long as World of Warcraft, there’s bound to be groups concerned with latecomers. Even newer Wow fans are wondering if going back to play World of Warcraft Classic is worth it. According to PC Gamer and other reputable sources who spoke about WoW Classic’s launch, it is worth playing, and it is not too late to get into the game, either.

It’s faithful to the vanilla World of Warcraft, and it does a great job of staying devoted to the aspects of the game fans love most about it. However, the comradery and community support far outweigh the punishing clunky nature of older games reimagined in WoW Classic.

Which World of Warcraft Classic servers should I join?

Early on, you’ll have to decide which realm you will play on, and you’ll have plenty of options. You can use any number of World of Warcraft Classic server lists online to determine which are best for you, but be warned about the super long queue times since so many players are trying to log on at one time.

Any new additions to World of Warcraft Classic?

Blizzard and the director of World of Warcraft Classic know that they shouldn’t stray too far away from the elements of old school World of Warcraft that made it what it is today. Making too many changes may take away from the nostalgic emotions the game was meant to evoke. However, you can still make a few updates to the game based on personal preference.

For example, players can still alter the UI with modern technologies because of mods allowed by the developers. Available mods include meters that keep track of your agro against foes and even reworks to manage your inventory better. Overall, the quality of life changes helps the game feel fresh while maintaining the vanilla version’s charm.

What’s the cost?

Currently, players, or subscribers, are required the usual $15.00 (USD) every month to play World of Warcraft Classic. It’s the price of a regular World of Warcraft subscription. If you already pay the monthly fee to play the current game, you can start enjoying WoW Classic for no additional charge. Some players are keen to skip the grinding and save time, therefore they shift to buy TBC Gold or even buy WoW Classic accounts to get ahead of the game.

Should I play World of Warcraft Classic

There are thousands of reasons to play World of Warcraft Classic, but whether you specifically should play it may depend on who you are. If you’ve never played World of Warcraft or MMOs aren’t your style of gaming, you might not enjoy it. It’s clunky, old school, and you’re probably better off trying to play the current version of the game to get into MMOs.

If you play MMOs, but you’ve never played the old school World of Warcraft, maybe it will give you insight into where the genre began. There weren’t many MMOs as big as World of Warcraft. It’s still the most popular one today, but others have risen from the popularity WoW brought to the gaming world.

Of course, if you have played WoW in the past, you will want to play. It might be mandatory. Even if you only play for a few hours, the trip down memory lane is worth it. Let us know in the comments if you’re a World of Warcraft fan, and tell us whether you will be enjoying the Classic version any time soon.

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