YouTuber Gab Smolders plans live stream to help emergency cat foster service


Cat-loving YouTuber Gab Smolders will be hosting a live stream to raise money for a vital service which helps cats and their owners escape domestic abuse.

The content creator will be live over the weekend of 24/25 November when she’ll be playing a variety of cat-related games and raising funds for the UK’s biggest cat charity Cats Protection.

With an online community of over a million, Gab is one of the gaming world’s biggest cat fans, with her own moggy BB often taking centre stage.

Gab is part of Cats Protection’s Pawsome Players community, which this month is raising awareness and funds for the charity’s Lifeline service. The scheme provides temporary, loving homes for cats whose families are fleeing domestic abuse.

Now in her fourth year of supporting the charity, Gab and her community have raised more than £40,000 for Cats Protection.

She said: “BB is the first cat I’ve ever owned, and he has been my companion for the last eight years. Over the years he’s turned me into a huge cat lover, and BB being a stray himself made me think of all the other cats out there needing a home.

“I had been wanting to dip my toes into charity work, so when I found out about Cats Protection it seemed like the perfect match. BB is a regular visitor in my YouTube videos and livestreams as well, so over the years I think I’ve garnered a whole community of fellow cat lovers.

“This year’s charity stream will help the magnificent Lifeline service that Cats Protection provides. I think it’s amazing that the charity is able to offer this service for free, so I want to help out in any way I can to make sure it stays that way. My heart goes out to anyone who is in the difficult situation of experiencing domestic abuse.”

Hannah Ashwell, who supports gaming and streaming with Cats Protection’s Pawsome Players, said the charity would love to hear from more cat-loving gamers who would like to join its community.

She said: “We’re so grateful to Gab for all her support over the past few years. She’s helped spread the love for cats with her YouTube channel, and enabled us to help even more cats with her fundraising efforts. If you love gaming and you love cats, be sure to check out her YouTube channel for plenty of moggy-related fun.

“This November we’re raising awareness of a particularly important issue – that of the link between cat ownership and domestic abuse. We know that owning a pet can be a barrier to people escaping domestic abuse. Many emergency refuges are unable to accept pets, and it’s common for perpetrators to target cats as a way to coerce and control their loving owners.  Our free and confidential Lifeline service provides temporary loving foster homes for cats whilst their owner seeks safety, and eventually reunites them when it’s safe.”

Cats Protection’s Lifeline service is totally free and provides temporary care with volunteer home fosterers to allow owners the space to flee domestic abuse and settle into new housing, where they can be reunited with their beloved cat.

Gamers, influencers and content creators can set up their own fundraising stream though platforms like Twitch or YouTube and encourage their followers and viewers to donate by offering shoutouts, giveaways and in-game incentives.

Resources, support and advice will be provided, including a campaign page on Tiltify:

To support Gab Smoulders, please visit her Tiltify fundraising page at