Zeroc’s Green Hydrogen for the Sea Sector

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Zeroc Energy targets the maritime hydrogen sector. Zerocmakes hydrogen as a green, zero-carbon fuel for yachts and ships. The company uses yachts to drive -power innovation upstream into cruise and commercial shipping.

Most people tend to associate creativity with the arts and to think of it as the expression of highly original ideas. In business, though, originality isn’t the objective. To be creative in business, an idea must be useful and actionable. Often the most creative things in business put existing ideas together in new combinations. Business creativity and the ability to see new combinations depends on discovering answers outside an individual discipline.

Zeroc borrows on this concept in many of its initiatives, not the least of which is the Zeroc “Energy Boss”. From the Ulstein styled bow to the Aqua-Libra inspired hydroelectric generators, sending green energy through electrolysis to produce H² 2sent into stabilized storage. ‘Energy Boss’ is the first autonomous green energy producer. Energy Boss will support a 2GW capacity.

Energy Boss is another element in the Zeroc Energy portfolio… another piece of the puzzle they are building to democratize Green Hydrogen as a marine fuel.


We are not nieve to the chicken/egg analogy, as it relates to distrubution infrastructure vs. maritime demand”, commented Will Gassen, CEO of Zeroc Energy. The value of a good to an individual is directly proportional to the number of other people using it. This effect accountsfor the central importance of an “installed base”. To which Zeroc answers with its managed fleet of H² charter yachts… that’s the nucleus, the installed base from which the market will grow. The value of each yacht/ship increases with each unit put in service, and so does the value of the distribution infrastructure.

Gassen added, “We expect that as our business develops, this network externality will lead to Zeroc’s products andservice emerging as the market standard and remain so,acknowledging the quality of our technology.

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