10 New Ways To Get More Instagram Followers


When social networks like Facebook first started, they were just platforms where people could talk to their friends and share photos. However with time social media has transformed into something much bigger. It has overtaken other forms of media and become the strongest media form all over the world. A lot of this is due to the fact that it is decentralised. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to share their experiences.

This has given rise to the concept of influencer. People who share unique and catchy content on their social media and amass a staggering amount of following are known as influencers. They differentiate themselves on the basis of their unique. One very important place for influencers is Instagram.

If you are becoming an influencer on Instagram then you need to get a large amount of following in very small time. For this you have to put in different forms of efforts that can eventually result in gaining of new followers. Boosting your followers can be a great way to become an effective influencer. However gaining more followers can be very tricky. Let’s take a look at some of the new ways that can help you get new followers on Instagram.

Stay Up To Date

Stay up to date. Only post about things that are current and relevant. Nobody wants to see a post on your profile which was international news weeks back. Try to stay up to date with new tools and platforms but more important with the content.  More people will be inclined to follow you on Instagram if you are unique, fresh and new.

Change Your Bio

Your bio can be the best thing you can use to optimise your account. Use certain keywords in your profiles relevant to your business and industry. Try to update your bio after every few months so that you account can maintain a new look. Make you bio more SEO friendly. Don’t write too much. Write less but write quality content.

Use SEO Text As Captions

SEO is going to play a huge role in getting you new followers and making you famous. The bio isn’t the only place where you can use search engine optimization. You can also do that with the captions of each indicial post you share on the network. The more SEO friendly captions you share the better your chances of gaining more organic followers.

Market Locally

Try to post content and market products that are in your locality. Don’t go international right away. Relax and wait! Try to target the people in your own country to help you reach new heights of success. Many people don’t find this important but trying to attract followers from your locality is definitely going to help the profile owner out. First cover the market near you and then with time you can move to other levels and platforms.

Avoid Low Quality Hash tags

The more hashtags you have the better your chances of getting noticed. However in the 2020, the algorithms on the app have all been changed. Now in order to be successful and to get a decent amount of following on YouTube, you need to be smart about the hashtags. Post smart and high quality hash tags. Instead of focussing more on the quantity of hash tags focus on the quality. Few posts with high quality hash tags can help you reach a new success level. Avoid putting up redundant and simple hash tags. Create your own unique hash tags and use them on your profile.  You will not be disappointed.

Buy Followers

Another great way to increase your follower base is through using money. Using money still gets you organic and natural followers. Online services like InstaGrowing can help you buy high quality and organic followers who might stay in your profile for a long term. Another thing to note about these paid buyers is that you can attract them through money but maintaining them can be a challenge. If you buy followers and then don’t post anything on your Instagram then all your efforts and your money will go to waste. Best Places to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active).

Don’t Forget To Add Images

Images and videos are known to attract more followers than simple and plain text. Don’t forget to add images, videos and similar content on your profile in order to attract more followers. You can also start a contest or start a unique trend on Instagram. These things will also help you amass a large Instagram following.

Paid Ads

In addition, you can also spend money on getting paid advertisements for your profile and your posts. You can even advertise your profile on other platforms outside Instagram as well. There are many scams out there as well so you need to be very careful. If you are not certain about which paid advertisement technique you can use to attract more followers, ask around and check what recent studies say about the problem. Even if you use other platforms to promote your Instagram profile, you should also focus on using ads on Instagram as well. Promoting yourself directly on the platform can not only offer a great experience to you but can also help you amass a large following.

Work With An Influencer

Having a large amount of following is definitely going to make you influential on the platform but you goal can also be your journey. You can take help from other people who have already reached that stage. Partnering up with an Instagram influencer can also help you gain a lot of followers.

Look Out For Popular But Relevant Conversations

Look out for popular conversations regarding your business or niche.  Instead of just reading what other people are talking about your business or industry why not step in and make your presence felt. Don’t just be a bystander, participate in relevant conversations and people will automatically be inclined to checkout your profile.

These are 10 of the newest and most effective ways of earning genuine and organic Instagram followers. Once you reach a sizeable amount of following on Instagram, you can start calling yourself an influencer as well. It can open a lot of professional doors for you as well.