18-year old Public Figure Amel Elezovic explains what startups should do to succeed

Amel Elezovic has made a strong reputation as a Generation Z Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Content Creator, and an Artist.


It is said that Generation Z and Millennials are the smartest, richest, and potentially longest living generation of all time.

Amel Elezovic is the youngest entrepreneur in Norway. He has been able to leverage growth across his social media platforms and software while radically inspiring young people to follow their dreams instead of relying on traditional routes.

In an interview with Swagger Magazine, he explained how Gen Z was born with the latest technology. Amel later discovered how he could turn this technology into income.Besides that, he quotes how he usually practices affirmations by traveling and spending his time in the gym to free his mind.

Furthermore, he explains that he has been asked the same question numerous times from several people which is, “what can I do to succeed and how can I start with no money as a startup” and his answer is simple: “You should think outside the box, be creative, productive and you will eventually find out what you want as there are many choices you could pick”. “In the entrepreneurial world you should keep fighting to find solutions to problems and you will easily overcome any problem that may come in your way, and the income will follow, says Amel”.

Amel says that he has a mindset of the minority. This minority mindset is a mindset that only a minority of people have. Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind, he explains that it is not only a job title as many people think.

His mantra was to keep up even during the most difficult times and therefore he got to travel the world when the others were stuck at the school desk doing useless irrelevant tasks given by the outdated school system, he says.

When the schools got shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the students were celebrating and getting happy, he was questioning himself why that was the case.

He concluded this by explaining that most of the people would rather be entertained than educated, which resulted in Netflix turning down their video quality during the lockdown period.