20-year-old Dariya Mir set to release two new songs titled “The Best of Me” and “Party in Dubai”

  • Multifaceted Russian singing sensation, Dariya Mir, announces the release of her upcoming singles “The Best of Me” and “Party in Dubai ”

Dariya Mir is a multi-talented young lady that is set to take the music industry by storm, using her creativity and ingenuity to treat lovers of good music to the best of entertainment. The singer, model, and social media influencer is set to once again show the world her singing talent as she releases her new two songs in June.

The music industry across the globe has witnessed tremendous growth over the years as different stakeholders in the industry including singers, music producers, and record labels continue to contribute their quota to ensure the ultimate stakeholder – listeners are satisfied. One talent that is looking to rewrite the history books is the Russian native, Dariya Mir.

Dariya is a Singer and lifelong lover of art and creativity. Dariya has always had entertainment in her DNA, showing her passion for music at the tender age of 4, studying ballet, music, and piano, before later on graduating from a ballet school.

Over the years, Dariya has demonstrated her tenacity and commitment to building her brand and showcasing her talents to the world, features that have helped to grow her popularity as a complete entertainer.

In her latest single titled “The Best of Me,” Dariya shows her amazing creativity to make message-filled, thought-provoking music. In addition, making good music, the songstress also works as a model and blogger, as well as, a social media influencer. On Instagram, her followers enjoy seeing her yoga, sports, and self-care tips, as well as stories from her travels, serving as an inspiration to her over 425,000 fans from different parts of the world.

Dariya has also announced her plans to launch her very own fitness brand and clothing line as she aims to continue in her pursuit of making the world a better place.

More information about Dariya Mir and her several projects can be found on her Instagram page.

Dariya Mir is a model, singer, and fashion enthusiasts from Russia. With music, fitness, and dancing constantly coursing through her veins, it is her goal to continue her purpose of inspiring people worldwide.