3 million of Londoners to DIY this bank holiday


New research from E.ON1 reveals that over a quarter (30%) of London locals will renovate or make repairs to their home this August Bank Holiday, and half (50%) would make their home projects more sustainable if they knew how to.

Twice (40%) the number of young homeowners aged 18-24 have stated that all their renovations are sustainable, compared to just one in five (22%) of over 55s. Overall, half (51%) of Londoners admitted to not knowing what their sustainable home options are and 30% don’t know what ‘sustainable’ means when it comes to home renovations. An additional 31% said they would carry out more sustainable renovations but are concerned about cost.

To help explain how to make homes more energy efficient and sustainable, E.ON has partnered with leading interior designer and stylist Dee Campling for practical advice to suit a range of abilities and budgets.

Leading interior designer and stylist Dee Campling advises: “Sustainable living is now the norm for a lot of us, but understanding how this extends into home improvements can be tricky, so E.ON and I wanted to highlight some big and small changes to your home that are eco and energy efficient. We want to show that sustainability can be stylish and can fit to your day-to-day. My top tips in sustainable renovations highlight some exciting ideas for the bank holiday and beyond.”

E.ON, which recently announced it is providing electricity backed by 100% renewable sources for all its customers’ homes, offers a range of energy efficient and smart home solutions including energy-efficient boilers, insulation, smart thermostats, smart meters, solar and battery technology and heat pumps. All of these can help lower energy use, and using less energy has a positive effect on the environment.

E.ON’s Green Guru Mike Feely added “Looking at how we can make our homes and lives more sustainable is crucial to help lessen our individual and collective impact on the planet. Small steps like having Aloe Vera plants around your home to help purify the air to larger investments like a new energy-efficient boiler will all add up to a huge difference. We’ve recently ensured all our electricity customers get power backed by 100% renewable sources, and if you’re considering solar generation, battery storage systems allow you to use around 30% more of the electricity you generate than with solar panels alone⁴. These are things well worth thinking about if you’re making home improvements.”

To find out more about energy-efficient home improvements visit: eonenergy.com/save