6-Year-Old From London Draws Her Prediction For The Future Home


A child’s imagination can surprise, entertain and inspire.

Our next generation’s visions of the future can prove to be both insightful and unconventional, and that’s exactly what we discovered working on a recent project on behalf of E.ON Energy.

To get a glimpse into what children think technology in the home might look like over the next few decades, E.ON asked ten children aged 5 to 12 from across the country to draw what they imagine their future homes could look like.

These were then brought to life by professional designers, and the results were unconventional to say the least! And a creation by 6-year-old Roma from London is featured among the winners.

Some futuristic home features in Roma’s design include:

A slide to whizz her down to the garden from her bedroom (made out of chocolate, of course)
An elevator (also made out of chocolate)
In fact, pretty much everything in Roma’s imaginary home is made out of chocolate, including the dog.
There’s also a magic mirror, and trees outside that double up as sweets.