T1 Tact: A Military Grade Smartwatch, Now Available To The United Kingdom

T1 Tact Watch
T1 Tact Watch

There’s a few smartwatches on the market that common sights on the streets of London in 2019.  These include the Apple Watch, Xiaomi Amazfit, Fitbit Versa, and Samsung Galaxy watch collections.   One brand that’s creeping into the UK market his year however, is the T1 Tact Watch.     Known on-line by many because of catchy Facebook ad campagins and popular techonology reviews,  it has not been retailed in the UK until now.

“We wanted to make sure our technology was perfected before opening up to the UK and other global markets,” says the brand about the store expansion in a website press release.  It continue, “Customers nicknamed it the 007 watch, for it’s durability and military grade materials.  After this side name was donned, it made our team look into the James Bond world, which led us to finding inspiration from London scenes.”

How tough is this smartwatch to be military-graded?

A ‘007-like-watch’ indeed, the T1 Tact watch has a long list of crafty features.  While it looks like a 1990’s vintage sportswatch, the aesthetics do not reveal how tough and damage resistant the wristwear is.   The midnight black, tactial watch has a DLC exterior.  The watch case is made of a military-grade level material that is Diamond-Like Carbon, a class of amorphous carbon material.   The DLC exterior is nearly scratch proof and equal to some of the hardness properties displayed by a diamond rock. It is not a surprise that they made the top of the list of indestructible watches by SpotTheWatch. According to SpotTheWatch collector James, “they are designed to not only survive harsh working conditions but also maintain peak performance.”

Technology wise, to be called the ‘007-watch’ by today’s generations, there is obviously useful features outside of just telling time. Five of the T1 Tact Watch’s most useful features acccording to the brand’s social media polling are:  Phone call notifications, social media message notifications,  remote control for Smartphone and Smartdevice cameras,  and the pedometer.   The watch has over 10 useful functions, all of which are listed on the official store’s product specs page.

How long does the T1 Tact Watch battery last?

The most overlooked highlight of the T1 Tact is the battery.    The battery upgrade for for 2019 watch models lasts nearly 3 years when left idle according to manufacturer testing.   It is one of a few features upgraded in the interior body for this year, that did not exist in 2018.

T1 Tact Smartwatch
T1 Tact Smartwatch

The reason this tactical watch gained global popularity is a series of catchy social media campaigns.  Thousands of people have liked the company’s facebook page and page content based on the digital world personal.   Fans share their product photos and adventurous videos with friends.  The watch is not overtly shown and the $69 price tag hardly scares anyone away.

Beware of Fake Watches on eBay and Amazon…

While the T1 Tact Watch can be found on sites like eBay and Amazon, most listings on these websites are counterfeit merchandise.  The brand has released an official statement recently on the fake smartwatches, confirming over 80% of listings on these two site are not authentic.   Any official vendors of the T1 Tact Watch company must post  the brand logo on their page, no exceptions.    Problems with fake watches include battery issues, buttons not working, and lack of bluetooth connectivity.

The T1 Tact Watch brand is owned by Rodrick Rainey.  A fashion innovator in the tech world, he’s worked with many A-list celebrity brands in the past as a cool finder and link to general public trends.    Brands by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and 50 Cent have all worked with the T1 Tact founder.   Global megabrands like Nike, New Era, and adidas have also tapped him for his expertise in the merged fashion & techology markets.

London shoppers can now purchase the tactical smartwatch at T1Tactwatch.com