7 Ways You Can Make Life Easier For Your Parents


Parents are a unique gift. They’ve spent a great deal of their time nurturing and providing for us, even when it meant that they had to forgo some of their needs. The best way to reciprocate their unconditional love is by making life easier for them. Worrying shouldn’t be on their to-do list if you can help it.

The older an individual gets, the more difficult it is to engage in certain activities. Your aging parents will need to regularly check their health, take medications as prescribed, and possibly need in-home care. Alongside possible health worries, even the everyday activities we take for granted, such as walking or cleaning, may become too complicated.

Traditional Walking Accessories

There are a few traditional methods that assist aging people in moving from one place to another. They include walking sticks and various walking aids. When outside, some aging people are still fit to drive. However, others are not so lucky, and they might need a motorized vehicle or somebody to drive them.

Modern Walking Equipment

When health issues become too overbearing, or hopefully your parents reach very old age, it might be necessary to consider how they will move around the house. Since bedrooms are traditionally on the second floor, the stairs can become an insurmountable issue. Thankfully, there are modern solutions to this issue, such as installing an in-home elevator. 

The downside is that not everybody can afford the installation. If you and your parents are in a similar situation, reconditioned used stairlifts may be the option you can afford. These types of equipment make life easier and can be used on most in-home stairs. Equally important is the fact that they are more budget-friendly. 

Grocery Shopping

Another important thing on the to-do lists of most parents is grocery shopping. Relieve them of the burden of having to go out to the grocery shop at every interval. Join them in making a list of all items they’ll need and help them stock the house. It’ll also serve as a time to bond with them, and you will appreciate every minute spent.


Getting back to the basics, the things we take for granted when we are younger such as laundry can become challenging as your parents age. You can get this sorted out by hiring a laundry person’s services, or you can invest in a washing machine that has extra services such as washing, drying, and ironing. As long as your parents don’t have to carry loads of laundry, you will all feel more secure.


While there is no doubt that physical activity is suitable for everyone, aging people may find it too challenging to clean the house thoroughly. They shouldn’t have to engage in any activity that would stress them. If possible, hire a trustworthy cleaning company to help with that aspect of the home. Dishwashers also come in handy as it is a faster way of getting the dishes done.

Exercise Coaching

Although aging people often hear the advice to take things easy at this point in their lives, it’s also essential for them to engage in less strenuous exercises, which is also beneficial for their health. Interestingly, most aging people like the opportunity to socialize and meet new people. An excellent way to encourage them on their fitness journey is to suggest them to join a fitness group – even if only virtually while the coronavirus is still a threat. A group of peers always proves to be a guide and an additional source of motivation.

Other Alternatives to Consider

Instead of sending your parents to a care facility, and if they prefer to stay at a place they’ve spent their lives in, you can look for a specialized in-home care assistant. It’s best to hire a person your parents approve of because they can become a great companion to them. It’s crucial to consider this option if one of your parents has passed away. With a long-term assistant’s familiar face, they’ll get to interact and ask for help when they feel the need. The loneliness that haunts too many aging people is not an issue in this situation.

The list of things you might want to do to help your aging parents goes on. Not only does their vision become weaker, but they can also become forgetful at this point in their life. Getting a specialized smartphone and setting up speed dials helps with this issue. If your work takes you far away, make an extra effort to keep up with them through video calls. Ultimately, whatever you do to make your parents’ lives more comfortable will make them happy even more so because it’s coming from you.