A Fitness Movement W/Plus Size Dancer Mizz.Jackiee


We’re all about fitness workouts. Pole dancing has become one of the hottest workouts around the world. Whether you like to dance or do Crossfit, or yoga or strength training, pole dancing is a fun, full-body workout that everyone can enjoy.

Mizz.Jackiee has created a career, lifestyle, and fitness empire from GoPole Fitness and being a fitness guru that many flock from afar including across the pond to see her teach one of her classes.

Mizz Jackiee is changing how we see and do fitness. She has created in the fitness industry a movement where people of all shapes and sizes can feel included and involved in fitness. Her GoPole Fitness workouts are for all sizes, abilities, and ages.

She has taught classes globally as she loves to see in-person her loyal following of fans. Her dance tours are always sold out including her popular Dancing for Zaddy tours that have headlined nationally in the U.S. including in major cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New York, Washington, DC, Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles. Her tours and classes have become very successful in the U.S. and internationally including in Europe and Asia.

Her body confidence and passion for her GoPole Fitness classes is why so many are big fans. Many brands are also big fans of Mizz Jackiee. She has celebrity partnerships with lifestyle brands and fashion brands including a celebrity partnership with the world’s largest online shoe and accessory brand subscription service ShoeDazzle.

She is open to partnerships and being a brand ambassador for brands in all industries. She feels it is essential to be connected with brands that she and her fans would be interested in and would be involved in. It especially has to be important to her and meaningful.

Her mission at GoPole Fitness is all about great workouts and body-positive experiences for the customers. Having a love of doing fun exercises, dance, and movement is what matters to Jacquelyn Archie.

GoPole Fitness has an array of classes offered including Pole 101, Curvy Girl Pole to Afro Pilates and many others. After doing a GoPole Fitness workout, you will feel great and powerful. And, most of all, happy!

Since the opening of GoPole Fitness in 2015 in Buffalo New York, owner Mizz Jackiee began building a local following and expanded her platform using social media but it’s been word of mouth from her fans and GoPole Fitness loyalists that quickly began increasing in numbers to visit GoPole Fitness. Many flock to her classes that are located in New York, in the U.S. and abroad.

Mizz Jackiee is all about creating GoPole Fitness workouts that inspire and that will help people discover their love for dance, exercises, and activity. GoPole Fitness is an all inclusive environment where courage, motivation, and happiness is taught and embraced by all. Simply put, GoPole Fitness workouts are fantastic. Visit GoPole Fitness for your next workout and definitely sign up to a class to see Jacquelyn Archie aka Mizz Jackiee. You will be inspired and will have a fun workout.

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