New craft-focused co-working space WorkShop is opening in Camden


Because co-working spaces shouldn’t solely be about offices, WorkShop is proud to announce the imminent launch of its first UK based flexible working space, created with craftsmanship and the creative services community at its core.

Opening in April 2020, the circa 14,00ft2 site in Camden’s St. Pancras Way is unlike any other shared studio space in London. Specialist studios with professional production equipment, bright workspaces and educational courses provide a creative home-from-home, accessible whenever inspiration strikes – 24/7.

The industrial workshop is full of manual tools, high-end table saws, grinders, sanders and drills to take ideas from prototype to finished product. Welding systems of all sizes, micrometers, magnetic tumblers and dedicated jewellers’ tables make the jewellery workshop a perfect creative space. The fashion workshop has everything from industrial sewing machines to overlockers and industrial steam irons to specialised cutting tables, making it a one-stop shop for realising top-notch fashion creations. A specialised photography studio is superbly equipped: Flash heads, reflectors, backdrops and clamps mean the set-up is flexible enough for any kind of shoot. And of course there’s tons of desk & office space to support most business needs.

In order to support members and foster a sense of community, residents can also take advantage of added value and extra services such as access to the exclusive members’ lounge with daily refreshments and bar; a programme of inspirational speakers, seminars and activities will be offered as part of the WorkShop Academy, as well as introductions to small-business service suppliers such as marketers, accountants and lawyers. Furthermore, seasonal showcases and pop-up shops will bring a commercial focus, enabling residents to display their work and encourage sales.

Commenting on the launch, CEO Uri Segal said, “The arrival of WorkShop in Camden will offer a much needed flexible solution for London’s creative workforce, with a one-stop shop for craftsmanship, desk space and often forgotten yet critical business support services. From just £100 per month, members have access to all of the specialist craft workshops, all under one roof, providing outstanding facilities at exceptional value for money.”