A new boon to the marketing era of Instagram


While the world encounters every new wave of economic engagements every decade new marketing strategies are brought into action to sell the product, the brand, and the name. Instagram is yet another platform, the most widely used Social Media App, with over 500 million active users. On the surface, Instagram is a platform for sharing images, but today the world inside instagram is all a bustling crowd waiting to get ahead in the race to make their service available to the consumer. Underneath is the swirling dimension of algorithm which highly favors the corporate and personal brands which already have the leverage to grow.

Many try to engage with their targeted audience to grow and many spend hundreds of dollars on growing their profile and brand. 

Here InstaEASY comes in place with an easy to use Instagram automation tool, which you can use to mass interact with your targeted audience and grow your Brand & Profile on Instagram. InstaEasy could also be categorized as an Instagram bot, which they describe themselves as on their website.

The basic idea behind the service is captivating the attention of the audience targeted. The Instagram account is automated to follow, like, and comment on the accounts sharing mutual audience, through this, the account gets enough attraction which leads to the desired result.

Automate It, and Grow It 

InstaEASY’s creator, Parwinder Singh, at the mere age of 16, decided to build the program after trying months of manual interaction on the platform. He registered growth from the interaction but what still lacked was the speed of the process and automation.

Social Media Companies, he stated, Charge a lot from their clients for the small growth they offer while they hide the true knowledge of growth hacks.

So he started to program, simple to use web applications which would do like, follow and comment on one’s behalf.

Parwinder launched InstaEASY in 2018, from its inception, its main objectives were always- easy to use, accessible to non-coders, and available  from any device. The tool always focused on growth using interaction by targeting a similar audience.

Though the marketing looks like an online miracle the true assets behind these services would be the features formulated by the company. 

  • 24*7 Instagram Automation

Using InstaEASY, you can make your profile work for you and make it grow on its own.

  • Safe & Secure 

There are thousands of tools out in the market which promises to grow your Account but at the stack of your account safety. Using InstaEASY you can be 100% assured that your account is safe & secure.

  • Exclusive Automation

After the recent Instagram bans on automation, only a few people have access to the premium and working automation tools. Using InstaEASY you can get access to all the premium tools

  • Instant results 

Using InstaEASY, you can start seeing more engagement and profile visitors on your profile within a few hours. Have your Instagram drive you free web traffic while you rest & get day 1 results — ensured.

  • Personal Assistance  

No other Automation tool offers you personal assistance which would help you to grow your account and set up everything. With people engaged in customer care, it ensures complete assistance to its users.

Here are all the Automations available and their use as per the various requirements of the users.

  • 1 Scheduling Instagram Posts and Stories
  • 2 Auto Follow & Unfollow
  • 3 Auto Like & Comment
  • 4 Auto DM
  • 5 Mass Story Viewing
  • 6 Mass Voting

Simply register on InstaEASY, hit start, close the website, and let your Instagram account work for you all day each day. Getting you leads even when you rest.