After touching down in the UK the Love Islanders tuck into itsu!


Love Island finalists, Paul and Kaz, were seen tuckining into itsu 24 hours after leaving the villa. We’ve asked our expert why itsu was their go to meal.

What’s Paul eating?

Paul is tucking into itsu’s Crab California Rolls (£3.99,, which are jam-packed with healthy fats.

It’s no surprise that Paul’s got ‘brain fog’ after the love island final and celebrating his overwhelming second place victory!

“These fats help to nourish and repair brain cells, focus the mind and increase concentration. Fish is also high in Vitamin B12, which keeps the brain ‘happy’ and staves off bouts of depression, anxiety and brain fog,” explains Alix Wood’s.

What’s Kaz eating?

Kaz is digging into itsu’s Vegetables Dumplings (£3.49,, which contain an impressive 12.6g of protein.

This an ideal dish to help keep hangover cravings at bay:

“The excellent source of protein will help balance blood sugar and keep energy stable. Leading to longer spells of satiety, enhanced