Young Londoners provide healthy recipes for us to try at home with our little ones


As one in five children who join primary schools are now obese or overweight, the likelihood for children to develop Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke in later life. Therefore it is important for us to teach children the importance of healthy eating as it’ll help with their development in later life. With so much processed foods on our supermarket shelves the war on obesity can be overwhelming, especially since children can be picky. However, have no fear! A great way to develop your child’s relationship with food is to cook with them with the kitchen.

In fact, Curry’s PC World in collaboration with Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School in London, held a competition to test the taste buds of children across the country. Our nation’s mini Gordon Ramsey’s and Mary Berry’s have provided us with their own healthy recipes for us to try at home with our little ones. Here are the winners:

Lola, Aged 10 – Cod Burritos


Who doesn’t love a good burrito? One that is guilt-free as well? Lola has created a fun dish containing lots of veg, rice, cod, salsa and chillies for some kick. A guilty pleasure that is guilt free sounds like the best kind of meal.

Neave, Aged 4 – Spinach, Pepper & Tomato Frittata


This dish is wonderfully colourful, yet boasts very little ingredient. Easy and healthy to make, this dish can also be stored in the fridge for a few days.

Aryaa, Aged 5 – Vegetable Couscous with Paneer

Aryaa has prepared a yummy couscous dish with a twist – adding paneer to her dish! This exotic addition makes a great addition to the dish as it is said to be packed with protein.

Jasmine, Aged 13, Jazzy’s Superfood Stack


Jasmine’s ‘Superfood Stack’ takes a bit of time to prepare, but we were impressed as to how advanced it was for her age. With diverse ingredients such as quinoa, courgettes, chillies and edamame beans – we’re spoilt for choice with ingredients.

Daniel, Aged 8, Yummy Chicken and Veggie Pizza


We all love a bit of pizza. Especially if it’s healthy! Daniel has created a guilt-free treat – a healthy pizza. Served with yummy vegetables and chicken (high in protein), this wholesome homemade treat is worth a try.

With so many healthy recipes, we’re really spoilt for choice. Cooking is a great skill in life and with some simple recipes at hand, there’s no excuse to order those expensive and unhealthy takeaways. Get stuck in and be your own masterchef!