All About Holborn Assets


Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the leading financial advisory firm, Holborn Assets Ltd. Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bob Parker found the company in 1998 and officially launched the advisory group entity a year later. After 21 years in operations, he successfully expanded his business to Malaysia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. He built Holborn Assets as a solid foundation based on principles, standards and ethnics for the firm’s group of professional advisers and their clients.

The financial advisers at Holborn Assets collectively bring over 30 years of expertise in the financial services and insurance industries. Each adviser of the advisory group is a member of Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and/or Chartered Insurance Institute in the United Kingdom. Holborn Assets requires all solution providers to adhere to its mission of providing quality services and advice to individuals and employers. The firm uses a unique approach which comprises strategic financial planning and regulatory compliance where Holborn Assets conducts business.

Investment solutions include options for education, retirement, asset management, portfolio management, UK state pension & transfers, and UAE & UK real estate. Holborn Assets’ certified advisers help their clients build diverse portfolios to help reduce investment risks and to build wealth for future retirees and individuals. Clients have the option of investing on a monthly basis and/or in a lump-sum capital.

Insurance solutions provide families and the income earners with protection and optional insurance policies to cover income loss, illness, medical care, and loss of life. Holborn has access to a broaden list of low-cost insurance products.

Mortgage services include properties in the UK, UAE, and international at fixed, variable, or interest rates. The financial advisers at Holborn Assets have 20-plus years of experience in the real estate market and industry.

Currency exchange is a service Holborn offers to individuals and entrepreneurs to sell or purchase international currency. Included with the service is reliable advice and different options for completing transactions.

Employers’ benefits planning includes options for group medical insurance and group life & disability insurance. Holborn’s team of employee benefits advisers work with companies and corporations to create customized packages that are cost efficient. The goal is to ensure the plans offer the best incentives to the employees.

Bespoke outsourcing is optional corporate solutions for large companies and business services for SMES.

Advantages of Investment and Protection Solutions

  • Professionalism with clients including respect, integrity, and confidentiality.
  • Financial planning based on compliance and regulations in the United Kingdom, UAE, Europe, Middle East, and South East Asia.
  • Consistent monitoring of the investment portfolio for investors, corporations, individuals, and business owners.
  • Access to cost-efficient insurance plans for individuals and employees.
  • Access to IT systems for providing support and care for the needs of the clients.
  • Access to financial tools to assist clients with building and monitoring investment portfolios.
  • Team of certified financial advisers and employee benefits & insurance experts with years of knowledge in the insurance and investment industries.

Holborn Assets Ltd requires financial advisers to receive continuous education through examinations for chartered financial planner and professional development. Financial advisers must be a member of the UK organizations, Chartered Insurance Institute or Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment. Investment portfolio managers at the firm have certification to practice and offer advice to their clients. It is a credential requirement for Holborn Assets and the regulatory agencies in the United Kingdom, Europe and all other locations.

Robert Parker, known as Bob is a successful businessman, financial adviser, public speaker, and philanthropist. His humbled career beginnings started after he attended Royal Air Force College Henlow in the 1960s working as a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force. After working there for six years, Parker explored the insurance industry in the UK and joined the Board of Guardian Royal Exchange Financial Management Limited. He oversaw 1200 staff members of the national field force.

Bob is a member of the Life Insurance Association in the United Kingdom for nearly 37 years. He is the public speaker at most of the events and national conventions held by the life insurance organization. With his prior experience in the insurance industry, Parker became his own boss and established Holborn Assets. Since opening the doors to the company in 1999, in UAE, he succeeded with international growth and other accomplishments.

As a philanthropist, Bob Parker and Holborn Assets proudly support an affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross, The Emirates Red Crescent. The non-profit organization helps people in need of relief supplies, food, water, shelter, clothes, and other necessities after a natural disaster or war. Holborn Assets contributes financially to keep the operations of the organization open to volunteering, education, building projects, health awareness, and rescuing efforts.

With enormous growth in recent years, Bob Parker to expanded Holborn Assets in United Arab Emirates to accommodate additional insurance professionals, staff members and financial advisers, in 2012. He moved the group advisory firm into a new and bigger office space which was 12,000 square feet. He launched companies in Manchester, Marbella, and Kuala Lumpur.

Today, Holborn Assets has offices in Vietnam, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa, and other international countries. Bob Parker and the Holborn Advisory Team brings over three decades of knowledge in international regulatory laws, investments, portfolio management, insurance, and financial planning. He continues to pursue investment opportunities for continuous expansion with the mission of offering quality investment and protection solutions.