Matt Artisan’s ‘The Attractive Man Dating Bootcamp’ Comes to London


Matt Artisan’s the ‘The Attractive Man bootcamp’ is coming to London for a quick weekend seminar designed to change the way that men perceive and interact with women. Starting August 30th and lasting until September 1st, the Day Game Mastery Bootcamp will be in full swing in London.

This bootcamp helps men seek out dates with women with confidence while practicing the art of ‘day game,’ approaching women for dates without hitting night clubs

and other common hookup areas.
International dating coach, David Vibe, will be leading the bootcamp, bringing youthful energy, unique philosophies, and science-based learning techniques to help the attendees. This weekend bootcamp promises to help transform men from “nice guys” into men that will fearlessly approach women, generate romantic chemistry, and get the dates that they want.

Autumn is coming, and that means “cuffing season” will soon be in full swing, bringing a sense of timeliness to the bootcamp. The Attractive Man reviews show that the intense bootcamps are created with real-life interactions in mind. Founder Matt Artisan has worked to develop a complete teaching course which empowers men to approach women with confidence and find dates. The goal is not to create another pick up artist that is hyper-aggressive with their dates, but to teach men to overcome basic socializing faults while improving their charisma and dating persona.

One aspect of the course that has gained widespread attention is its emphasis on the smaller elements of picking up dates that are often ignored. For example, one of the first things the bootcamp teaches men is how to use their body language while speaking to women. While Matt Artisan’s ‘The Attractive Man’ Day Game Mastery Bootcamp does utilize some classroom time to teach men how to use their posture and tone to speak with women, the real benefit comes from the live training.

This seminar brings in real women for the men to practice their technique on while they are being helped along by the trainer. This training culminates with the guys going out on the town and getting dates with locals. For massive cities like London, the combination of bootcamp techniques and large population could result in several dates for the attendees.

The techniques taught by the bootcamp encompass a wide variety of different techniques that will apply to various situations to help men score the dates that they want. One thing that the class focuses on is reducing the anxiety that paralyses men when they are around attractive women. Instead of sputtering through an introduction, this course teaches men to embody and radiate confidence while meeting new women.

According to The Attractive Man reviews and testimonies, the skills taught during these seminars do not make a guy act or pretend to be someone he is not. Instead, the teachers work with the individual to highlight their best features and meet women from anywhere to create a natural attraction.

The last and most important element that bootcamp attendees can count on learning about is the way to effectively seduce a woman, in a way that she wants instead of in a sleazy way. With a culture that is rapidly shifting towards Tinder and other online dating apps, most modern men can’t successfully interact with a woman when it comes to basic talking and seduction. The seminar teaches men how and when to go in for a kiss and to turn things towards the bedroom when the time comes.

The Attractive Man Day Game Mastery Bootcamp is an event that gives men three days of vital instruction to become a more confident, conversation-driven, and well-rounded individual. While the bootcamp is going to last for the weekend in August in London, many other cities are going to host The Attractive Man bootcamps in the coming months.

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