Asda appoints a Writer in Residence in London store to help Brits put pen to paper for mums


Nothing makes you feel warmer and fuzzier than receiving a handwritten heartfelt card, but with Mother’s Day just around the corner, sadly a fifth (20%) of mums won’t receive one, despite three quarters (73%) revealing a meaningful message in a card makes them feel most loved.

The research* from Asda reveals when it comes to the reasons why penmanship is becoming a dying art, nearly half (47%) of Brits admit they struggle to articulate how they feel, suffering from ‘card-writer’s block’. Other common excuses for leaving mum cardless include, leaving it too late (29%), being time-poor and relying on text messages (22%), and being embarrassed by handwriting (4%).

And when we do write cards, they often lack that personal touch and are chock-full of clichés. In fact, a quarter (25%) of Brits reveal they resort to Google to rip-off Hallmark messages and nearly a third (31%) recycle the same message repeatedly for different people.

With Mothering Sunday approaching, London has been identified as the most neglectful city in the UK, with 53% of Londoners admitting they’ll send a text rather than a card this year.

To encourage tongue-tied or stiff upper lip Brits to tell their mum how much she really means to them, Asda has appointed author, comedian and national poetry slam champion, Daniel Piper, as its ‘Writer in Residence’ – helping people of London pen messages from the heart for their leading lady.

Asda’s Writer in Residence, Daniel Piper, comments: “We all have something to thank our Mum for, whether it’s washing our smalls, being a shoulder to cry on, her amazing roast potatoes, or just the fact that we exist. It’s the one day when mum expects a thank you, so I’ll be on hand at Asda Clapham store to help people put down their phones, and instead express their true feelings towards mum in a heartfelt, handwritten card.”

A spokesperson from Asda, comments: “We want to make sure mum gets that warm fuzzy feeling this Mother’s Day that she truly deserves, and nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than a handwritten card. With research revealing nearly half of Brits struggle with what to say, our Writer in Residence will help you weave a word or two to make sure she feels the love this Mother’s Day.”


Asda’s Writer in Residence, Daniel Piper, will be making a special appearance in Asda Clapham Junction on Friday 29th March from 10am – 3pm.