Bingo within the UK is growing


For many, the idea of bingo being something for the younger generation is preposterous. Long seen as something from grandparents and retirees to enjoy, bingo became a totally different experience with the rise of online mobile gaming. Instead of having to drudge along to the bingo hall, now you can play on your mobile device from the bed, the bath, or the bus!

Ver, bingo is still growing all the time – with the likelihood that it will far exceed its heyday from the 1950s until the 1980s very high indeed. While the bingo love affair of Britain died out a good bit in the 1990s, the revival came through its online rebrand on sites like Trusted Bingo. No longer held in stuffy venues full of cigarette smoke and seniors, bingo became a sport for everyone. You could play so long as you were of legal age to take part, with people aged 25-34 now taking part in bingo gaming more than ever before.

Indeed, bingo is actually among the most popular activities in the UK as of 2019. In 2016, as many as 1.9m bingo players were noted, with even more likely to have signed up since then. Online casino gaming is popular with males and females of all age, which is in stark contrast to their senior-dominated occupancy back in the day.

Bingo, though, is still well and truly growing within the UK as of today. The rise of online casino gaming, the number of people who own smartphones, and the ease of which you can play bingo makes it very attractive indeed. Given it has nothing like the same pitfalls as other forms of gambling, too, it’s easy to see why people come back time and time again. It’s a safe, satisfying, and simple way to spend an evening.

Why is bingo still growing?

After the rise of smartphones and the easy access of online internet via mobile, many assumed that bingo would return to a trough. However, the peak keeps on going. The reason why it is so big today is simple, too; the kind of people who are playing is changing. Today, it’s common for people aged 25-44 to play bingo.

In turn, they’ll be more likely to have tech savvy friends who are looking for something to do. It can then become a really impressive social experience with the low cost nature of bingo making it very exciting indeed for all.

There is a big reason why the younger generation like it, too; the chance to win big without having to do too much. While gambling and betting requires luck, skill, and/or knowledge, bingo is all about accuracy and speed of thought.

So long as you can follow the numbers as they come out, you can get ever-closer to a big win. It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s accessible, and no one name dominate the market. With the fact that so many young people are getting involved, and the fact this has such a large positive knock-on effect, it’s easy to see why the future looks to be increasingly bright when it comes to playing bingo.