Britain’s New Movie Mecca? – London Indie Filmmakers Take Over Loughborough

Local actor Gavin Gordon stars in Surveilled (wearing glasses)

Raya Films London first turned the unassuming University town of Loughborough into film fanatics when shooting its debut feature Do Something, Jake. In true community spirit,  Loughborough came together to make it a success: local businesses, schools, university students and residents got involved.

The film received “Best Feature“, had successful red-carpet screenings and got national media attention.

New York actor Robert Roworth has been seen around town and in Nottingham.

The indie filmmakers have now returned to their scene of the crime. Loughborough will once again be the backdrop to their latest production Surveilled, a horror thriller. The synopsis: a young man (played by Gavin Gordon) is sure he has discovered the identity of a terrifying serial killer stalking his hometown of Clairmont.

British Screenwriter and Producer Caroline Spence talking to actor Robert Roworth

The crew has been filming around town throughout September causing a bit of a stir. Local actors Johnny Kinch, Anneka Kinch and Gavin Gordon are starring in the film.

Actors Robert Roworth and Johnny Kinch were seen leaving John Skillen Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Loughborough

Otherwise, a fairly international cast has assembled from Thailand, Netherlands, New York, and Austria. Johnny Kinch has been spotted sharing a couple of drinks with New York actor Robert Roworth at the Cedars Hotel bar. Roworth is a well-known broadway fixture when not on filming or working on his own production. The Australian-born mimic also took the opportunity to explore the area and connect locally. His visit to the Hand and Heart in Nottingham with his co-star Melanie Aumann also didn’t go unnoticed.