Cam Sites Are Becoming More Popular Than Even Online Dating!


People would be shocked to learn just now many people are using video chat sites for social and entertainment purposes these days. The most popular chat sites receive tens of millions of visitors per month. But why are so many people using webcam chat rooms?

Cams sites, video chat rooms and video chat overall are what is leading the charge.This is mostly fueled by new age, highly interactive, and HD cam sites which are all the rage these days. Back in 1991, when the webcam was invented at Cambridge University Computer Science Department who know this gadget would spur such a huge industry on the web.

As a reference point to see how cam sites are supplanting dating we can look at a few examples.

Cam Chat Offers Something Unique on a Large Scale

According to ahrefs, a popular search tracking site that measures people searches for different terms, the word ‘cams’ is searched some 227,000 times per month. Meanwhile people searched for the term chat 2.3 million times per month. When you compare this number to the amount of people searching for ‘dating’ the global search volume is 1/0th the size at just approximately 279,000.

Google search trends offers a way to breakdown the longer term trends by country or state and what we discovered about cam chat using this tool was interesting as well. When we compared cam sites, dating, and free chat sites we found that the disparity is much smaller in the United States where people still heavily use singles sites.

However, webcam sites and video chat sites were still visited by a more than 3-to-1 margin over dating. Thus providing that by a large margin cam sites and video chat is far more popular globally and in the U.S. than online dating is.

People Perceive Authenticity at Cam Sites

The feeling of being connected and exploring the world as well as people around us is a rare and highly commodity in and of itself. It seems that this connectedness that video chat sites are able to deliver is what has led to the rising popularity of video chat and cams sites.

Internet dating also infers a motive, whereas with cam sites the menu of chat topics that can be discussed is virtually endless. It seems that singles and non-singles alike prefer that.

A starting point with no motives, even if your motive is still meeting others seems to be preferred. That said, cams chat gives you the freedom to not have any motives at all and just enjoy the entertainment factor of watching people, talking to people on cam, and seeing what is on other peoples’ minds.

Who Will You Meet on Stranger Chat Sites?

Cam sites are taking endless forms these days as well. We took a look around the web and found bizarre and fun chat roulette sites where you can literally click a button and instantly be connected to chat on webcam free with people from all over the world.

That said, these instant chat types of stranger chat sites are fraught with dangers and should be used with caution. Sites like Omegle have been breeding grounds for bad actors to exploit people and so you certainly need to be vigilant at whichever of the leading cam sites you are using as well as choose wisely.

One resource we found interesting in that regard was this site and others like it are places where users reports and share experiences using cam sites and offer ratings based on the overall user experiences of various video chat sites.  They purports to share the most trustworthy and reputable cam sites on the web and the best video chat sites.

Nevertheless, new free video chat room sites and cam sites are popping up all over the web at a rapid pace and they are all looking to cater to different interests and niches. Free chat, free cams, and random chat sites are the mantra and we see this messaging everywhere we look on the internet these days. Where is leads and what the social interactions of the future will look like is anyone’s guess, but the chances are video chat will play a starring role.