Can Peter O Halloran retain his title as Ireland’s best?


You might have seen my recent article about Peter o Halloran, The fitness influencer taking shots at fat loss products. Peter is the founder and owner of PPT Fitness and Nutrition and currently holds the title of Ireland’s best fitness nutritionist which he won in 2018 at the Irish fitness industry awards.

A short few days later he won the Irish social media awards as Best use of social media by a personal trainer. Peter’s popularity has gone from strength to strength in the last year especially on social media due to his factual posts and witty humour.

His social media is what actually caught my eye in the first place.

Peter’s actual work as a Nutritionist is displayed all over his social media with client before and after pictures and videos showing fantastic results.

One of Peter’s clients made headlines in papers recently because of her life changing weight loss results allowing her to proceed with IVF treatment after being told she was too heavy to have IVF.

He seems to portray a more flexible dieting approach ,changing people’s mind-set and relationship with food instead of quick fix fad diets from unqualified nutritionists which he displays a disliking to online. You can see from his client results why he won the awards last year.

So the question is, Can Peter retain his title for the 2019 awards?

The awards which were founded in 2018 was set up to award industry excellence within Ireland. Creating an avenue for communities to vote for the best in the industry. The awards are voted by the people of Ireland.

The votes are in and the finalists are set for the 2019 Irish fitness industry awards 2019 on the 22nd of June in the crown plaza hotel Dublin Ireland.

So we will have to wait until June to find out if he can retain the title which I will report on. Personally I think Peter’s popularity is going to go from strength to strength in 2019 and he is defiantly one to watch out for.

To check out peters social media you can find him on
Instagram as @ppt_fitness, Facebook as Ppt fitness and nutrition
or his website