Dating Tips from Amelia from the Chicken Shop Date YouTube channel


1- Pick a great date location. A chicken shop for example

2- If you are going to choose a chicken shop pick one with good ventilation. The smell of fried chicken can becoming overwhelming sometimes. I always bring a door stop with me just in case a waft of fresh air is needed.

3- Don’t make any sudden movements once on the date. I once made the mistake of leaning forward across the table quite abruptly and it threw my date off completely, the rest of the evening went downhill from there.

4- Do your research. If you know who you’re going on a date with, look them up before hand – on linked in, Instagram etc. Just to check you’re not being catfished. If your date is a musician, listen to their latest release then if the date ever starts getting slightly dull you can start humming their song.

5- Check post codes. You don’t want to pick a date spot in an area that your date has an issue with.

6- Don’t look too nice. Because then if he or she doesn’t like you then you can always blame it on your choice of clothing instead of your personality

7- Be persistent. It usually takes me a couple of months to persuade someone to go on a date with him. But I’ve learnt to never give up and use your initiative. If they aren’t replying to your texts tweet them.

8- Bring presents. On my date with Not3s I brought him a set of personalised Post It Notes. I thought it would be great if Not3s started his own line of Post it Notes – free business advice if you will. He left them at the chicken shop but it’s the thought that counts.

9- Insults can be flattering. Eating as many chips as I do, I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt – especially when it comes to insults. Ghetts told me I was a cheap date and AJ Tracey told me to get in the bin. Was I offended? No. Were they flirting? Definitely.

10- Be yourself. This is my most important tip, there is no point pretending to be someone who are not. Be yourself then you’ve got nothing to worry about!


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