Man jailed for raping woman in south London


A man who took advantage of a drunk woman to rape her in the street has been jailed for eight years.

Sanjay Naker, 28 a financial consultant, of Russell Avenue, Wood Green, was today, Thursday, 5 July, found guilty at Inner London Crown Court of three counts of oral rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault.

The court heard that on 11 March 2017, the 18-year-old victim had been out for the night at a bar in Tooley Street, SE1 before being asked to leave as she’d had too much to drink.

Naker had been outside the bar, he saw the victim and began talking to her. CCTV showed them chatting at around 04:00hrs, Naker appearing to show her concern, picking her up when she fell and offering her his jacket. At one point he gave her a piggyback.

He then tried to kiss her and she pushed him off. He kept trying to pull her in the opposite direction to where she was walking and eventually succeeded, dragging her to a secluded corner of The Queens Walk, London Bridge.